What if Dead Space Remake had an alternate ending? The trophy list points to this possibility – Dead Space (Remake)

There are only five days left for the space terror of Dead Space Remake to terrify us again. We recently reported that even creators have a hard time playing the game. at night and with headphones. In addition, they themselves stated that they were about to include a function that would have scared even more, but in the end they did not opt ​​for it. On January 27 we have an appointment with the USG Ishimura and certainly aims to be an intense experience.

According to The Gamer, the trophy list is already available on the PlayStation database and it can already be seen through TrueTrophies. This information allows us to see again what challenges Dead Space contains, and surely there are many trophies that look familiar. However, there is one that indicates that there would be an alternate ending, which suggests the possibility of two endings.

There is a trophy called “Meeting“that to achieve it you must”view alternate ending on any difficulty mode“. From EA they have not alluded at any time to an alternative ending, but the possibility of seeing it is quite high. The game will bring the launch mode ‘New Game +‘ and there will be a difficulty that aims to be quite challenging called ‘Impossible‘.

More features of Dead Space Remake


We recently reported on the graphics modes for Dead Space Remake on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Fluency is more than guaranteed with the 60fps, but not in 4K. The sequence shot will contribute to this since it does not there will be loading times unless you die They also revealed that there will be a stress management system with more than 1,200 unique surprises. Of course, it is worth remembering that if you have reserved this work on PC they will give you Dead Space 2.