What is Plex, the app that allows you to set up your own Netflix and that has a large catalog of free movies and series

With all the bad news that Netflix users are receiving, such as the fact of having to pay to share an account with people who live in another address, there are already those who are looking for solutions and alternatives to this service. Among all the streaming platforms out there, you might be interested in taking a look at Plex, as it offers free content and other unusual characteristics in this type of services.

Plex is considered one of the most ideal platforms when it comes to creating a multimedia center at home. Since its launch, users have been able to create media servers with Plex for play local content from any device via streaming. However, in recent years the service has expanded considerably, offering other interesting features such as the ability to watch movies and series for free or play live channels at no cost.

How to access Plex

To be able to enjoy Plex all you need is an internet connection, since the service is available for a multitude of devices and systems. If you access from a computer, just enter its official website and enjoy its free content. However, if you’re on a TV, mobile device, or console, you’ll need to download the Plex app.

Catalog of free movies and series

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As we said, Plex has a good catalog of free movies and series. Some time ago we told you about our impressions, and although its catalog is quite crowded, we also found its shortcomings. And it is that like any streaming platform that offers free content, the titles do not end up being as attractive as we would like. However, in its collection of thousands of movies, documentaries and showsYou will surely find something that catches your attention.

Best of all is that You do not need to register to access all its content gratuitous. Just go to the Plex website and take a look at the catalog from the ‘Free Movies & TV’ tab. You can filter by its list of most popular titles or by genre.

A database for any movie or series

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As Plex also offers a very complete database of movies, series and documentaries, you will also find content that cannot be played on Plex, but with a direct link to the streaming platform in which it is available to view, rent or buy. That is why Plex is also a direct competitor to services like JustWatch, since you will be able to find out where to watch any movie or series.

If we access the Discover tab and configure the streaming platforms we have, we will obtain a list of recommended titles from all platforms, being able to take a look at all those titles from a single platformsomething really comfortable.

free tv channels

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As for its list of live television channels, Plex offers a good handful of channels that you can watch completely free of charge and without the need to register. Although most of these channels are in English, there are many others that we can see in Spanish, especially those offered by Rakuten TV.

You will be able to see the programming of each channel, as well as filter by type of content. There’s a bit of everything, and maybe some channels sound familiar to you from platforms like Pluto TV or the ones offered by Rakuten.

How to set up a media server

For all the other functions that Plex offers, you will have to register. In this way, if what you want is to configure a multimedia server to access all your local content from any device, you will have to register, and also download the Plex Media Server tool for your computer, which will help you make the content visible. from your PC to other systems.

Plex Library

Once you have installed and run the client, it will take you to the local host where you can see your entire library. Of course, you will have to configure which folder you want to be synchronized with Plex so that its content is visible on other devices. This is very easy the first time you enter, since Plex will ask you for the location of your filesboth music and photos and video.

18 tricks (and some extra) to get the most out of Plex

If you want to add a library later, you just have to press the ‘+’ icon that appears next to the name you have given to your team, in the upper left part of the web. Besides, You can configure the streaming quality from the Plex settings. Depending on how good your Internet connection is, it will be advisable to modify the quality. By default it is 2 MB/s and 720p. This means that your computer will do additional compression work in case it is needed. If the reproduction causes you cuts, it will be advisable to reduce the quality.

What is Plex Pass?

Plex offers all these options completely free of charge, although there are other features that are only accessible to users who have Plex Pass. Among the payment options we find the ability to download titles from our library to see them offline, watch DTT live by connecting an antenna, use of Webhooks and more.

Also, you must be a premium customer if you want to play local content from the Plex app on mobile devices. You can do it through a single payment of 5.99 euros, or join Plex Pass. If you access Plex from the television or from a console, it will not be necessary.