What MLB Players Do In Their Free Time

Many stars are known on the baseball field for their skills and competitive team spirit. Yet, when not on the diamond, playing games, or in training sessions, MLB players also enjoy hobbies in their free time that sometimes go above and beyond what is done on the field. Whether watching other sports or looking for top casino games, MLB players also make the most of their free time.

Video Games

It is well known that some players think about baseball 24 hours a day, as with certain top MLB stars. These players consistently appear on the cover of top video games, which has made some top MLB players big fans of playing as themselves within the games. 

Certain MLB players have demonstrated their passion for video games on multiple occasions, with some even known for organizing tournaments and competitions with their professional teammates. 

Online Casino Games

Certain MLB players have become known for their love of the game of Poker, and they have shared their taste for this and other casino games in various marketing campaigns. In addition, many baseball players have confessed to being fans of different casino games or just participating in online casino gaming tournaments.

Other Sports

When professional MLB players are not training or dedicating their time to professional baseball, players continue to choose sports and physical exercise as the main activity in their free time. It is a way of life, and for many, it is both a commitment to staying in shape and a way for them to escape.


Many professional athletes enjoy this sport, which is favored in high places. Top MLB players have once assured that they would prefer to watch a golf game rather than an MLB game. Various MLB players have shown their love for golf and have even become members of some of the top golf clubs in the country. 


If there is something that MLB players can count on wherever they go, it is the level of luxuries that their profession can offer them. There is no doubt that the place where they stay during their time away from a hectic training ground is a swimming pool.

Most MLB players not only have customized pools but can even add spa services, massages, or relaxation rooms. Swimming is a complete sport that helps to clear the body and mind. In addition, it lends itself to other water games, such as water polo or simple games with partners in a more relaxed way.

Gym exercises

Something familiar to most professional players is the routine they carry out practically every day in the gym. Exercise helps keep them in shape to be at the top of their game, combat stress, eliminate toxins, and disconnect them from the daily grind.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Most MLB players seek a consistent sleep schedule, social life, and healthy mindset instead of spending as much time as possible playing daily.

Pro MLB players believe sports have embraced a more holistic approach to practice and play. However, players have admitted that the non-stop approach to training continues to prevail in the world of competitive sports. 

Yet, most players agree that those who adopt a more holistic approach in the lives of professional players are as rigorous or more so than those who do not stop participating in solo and extreme workout routines.

Maintaining a good sleep schedule requires more discipline and focus than playing until an athlete is fatigued. For some pro baseball players, sometimes this means stepping away from the field or the gym and disconnecting and detaching in a way that helps them recover mentally and physically.

Resting is essential for recovery and performance. In the long run, it becomes as necessary as training and exercise. As a result, many pros have adopted a more sustainable routine that embraces rest and prioritizes body recovery over any other type of physical effort.