What to expect from the arrival on ‘The Walking Dead’ of the “killer of Rick Grimes”: Who is in danger?

One of the new signings of season 11 is Teo Rapp-Olsson, who will play from 11 × 07 one of the most hated characters by comic book fans: Sebastian Milton.

The season 11 of The Walking Dead incorporates a famous comic book character into its ranks that followers of Robert Kirkman’s work have more than enough reasons to hate, but to whom it will be impossible to fulfill your “destiny” faithfully in the final final stretch of the series. More than Alpha, Negan, or the Governor? Well, it seems so, because unlike those mentioned, this is neither a villain nor wastes charisma and leadership. He’s just one of those characters that turns things upside down.

But first, a word of caution: Key details of the comics on which the series is based are revealed below.

With only two episodes to say goodbye to the first part of eight episodes of the final season of The Walking Dead, zombie fiction has confirmed the introduction in the seventh episode, ‘Promises Broken’ (11×07), of the young actor Teo Rapp-Olsson, the one in charge of getting into the skin of Sebastian milton. As you may have guessed from his last name, Sebastian is the son of Pamela Milton, the Governor of the Commonwealth. The leader of the advanced community that promises to add so much to the final stretch of the story will be played by Laila Robins (The Boys), but has yet to make its stellar appearance.

Teo Rapp-Olsson’s debut as Sebastian Milton occurs in the penultimate episode of this first part when Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and his group are tasked with going outside the walls of the community and freeing it from the approaching walkers. up there. The encounter with Pamela Milton’s son is the fourth great comic book character to cross the road of Eugene, Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and Princess (Paola Lazaro) since their arrival in the Commonwealth, where they have already been able to meet the leader of their military arm, Mercer (Michael James Shaw), the lieutenant governor and right hand of Pamela Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), and the fake Stephanie (Chelle Ramos).

Little more has been advanced on Sebastian, but the reason that followers of Robert Kirkman’s work hate him so much is because the character in question is responsible for the death of Rick Grimes. His killer, to be exact. Now the series of comics has already come to an end, but in the summer of 2019 its author surprised with the death of its undisputed protagonist in number 192 -with respect to the rate of publication in the United States-. At, Rick Grimes, who had been shot in the chest in the previous issue, was shot two more and died to be later shot by Carl in the head after his revival as the undead. The person in charge you already know: Sebastian, the evil son of Pamela Milton.

Who is in danger with the arrival of Sebastian?

With Rick (Andrew Lincoln) already out of the equation since the ninth season and with Carl also out of orbit since the eighth, Sebastian Milton’s plot in the AMC series promises to change, since he does not have his main victim around.

However, just as it has been Yumiko who has starred in a reunion with a relative whom she considered dead and not Michonne reuniting with her lost daughter Elodie, season 11 of The Walking Dead It could introduce us to a new victim dying at the hands of Sebastian. It is early to speculate who of the survivors is in danger, since although now only Eugene, Princess, Yumiko and Ezekiel walk the streets of the Commonwealth, it is to be expected that the rest of the group will manage to get there once they overcome the threat of the Reapers and sever their ties with an Alexandria that is completely devastated and without supplies.

Likewise, we will have to wait until the broadcast of the episode next Sunday to discover if the Sebastian of The Walking Dead shares habits and ways with his counterpart in the comics.

For his part, although Rick Grimes has escaped his fateful fate in the Commonwealth, the ‘sheriff’ was kidnapped by a RCM helicopter and only the films already confirmed will be able to reveal what happened to him after his disappearance.

‘Promises Broken’ (11 × 07) will be released on AMC on October 3 and simultaneously with FOX Spain, which will premiere the dubbed version of the episode the following day.