What to see: a great adaptation of an essential piece of literature that is still amazing and can be enjoyed via streaming

With Emily Brontë’s life now turned into a newly released movie, it’s a good time to recover one of the best adaptations of her great work ‘Wuthering Heights’.

One of the most dazzling period dramas from the days of golden Hollywood, with great actors, a remarkable studio director and one of the most powerful producers in the industry looking to bring a literary classic to the big screen. The great work of Emily Brontë, wuthering heightsfeatured a great adaptation that is for the most part up to the task.

Directed by one of those perfect craftsmen such as William Wyler, the film It can be recovered on platforms like Filmin. Something very appropriate to accompany the newly released Emily, which chronicles Brontë’s life including the writing of the book. The incredible cast shows us Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier and David Niven in the main roles.

wuthering heights is the tragic story of lovers Heathcliff and Cathy who, despite their deep affection for each other, find themselves forced by circumstances and social prejudices to live apart. They met when they were young and Cathy’s father brought Heathcliff, an abandoned orphan, to the Earnshaws’ home in Yorkshire to live on the farm with them.

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When Mr. Earnshaw dies years later, Cathy’s older brother, who had always been jealous of their father’s favorite adopted boy, becomes master of the house and forces Heathcliff to live with the servants and earn his bread by working in the stable. Some time later, Heathcliff disappears from the estate, but is unable to forget his love. When he returns, Cathy has married a wealthy neighbor, Edgar Linton, which It will fuel your rancor even more..

This is the first of the many adaptations that it has had wuthering heights on the big and small screen, made with great zeal by producer Samuel Goldwyn who talks about her as his favorite production of all the ones he has done. Although the filming had its complications, including disputes with a William Wyler who had been commissioned to discover.

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The disputes came mainly with the talent before the camera. Olivier, who already had a reputation as a difficult actor, and Oberon couldn’t stand each other and they collided numerously on the set. On the other hand, the actor also had his conflicts with the director, who forced him to repeat certain scenes up to a total of 71 takes. However, Olivier says that with Wyler he really learned the differences between acting on stage and acting on film, where you can be more subtle.

And it shows in the end result, with both actors doing an amazing job of bringing Heathcliff and Cathy all the necessary life and nuance. Wyler also creates a perfect setting to do a captivating dramatic romance and classic epic. Even though its changed ending clashes with the intended spirit of the novel, it’s still a terrific movie many decades later.

You can see wuthering heights in filmin.

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