What to see on Disney+: Nicolas Cage’s great leap to Marvel and the superhero genre arrives on the platform

Before the MCU became an unstoppable success and mighty heroes became our daily bread, the actor made the leap into these worlds with a daring and dark film.

Today superheroes are the daily bread in the field of cinema and series, but there was a period where they were not yet so established. In the first decade of the 21st century we saw several blockbusters starring these powerful characters, some being successes and others being jobs that nobody wants to remember. Between the two stands Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider.

Mark Steven Johnson’s film brings to the big screen the Marvel’s hottest and most vengeful character, an attempt to make dark fantasy that would appeal more to teens than younger viewers. Nicolas Cage plays this violent character in his great leap into the superhero genre, accompanied by Eva Mendes, Peter Fonda and Wes Bentley in the cast. The movie is now available on Disney+.

Cage plays Johny Blaze, a celebrity expert in the mind-blowing and dangerous stunts he performs on his motorcycle. Years ago, when he was young, he made a pact with a dark force, the devil Mephistotle, to save his father, also an acrobat, from dying. Nothing ends up going as he expects, so now he only has to run away in a constant defiance of death until the devil comes to collect his debt.

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With Blaze on top, the evil Mephistotle returns to collect his debt, tasking him with eliminating his son, the demon prince of Hell. To fulfill the objective he turns him into Ghost Ridera rogue demon bounty hunteracquiring super powers that force him to wander around the city with his motorcycle, unconsciously forced to fulfill the wishes of the devil himself.

Attempts to bring Ghost Rider to the cinema by Marvel date back to the nineties, with many frustrated attempts and approaches to interesting actors like Eric Bana or Johnny Depp to play the protagonist. It was the latter, however, who ended up making the connection so that Cage fulfills his dream of being a superherosince he was a fan of Marvel since he was little and his name change came in homage to the character of luke cage.

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There was another reason that led Cage to accept this project. With his father recently deceased before filming began, the actor saw here the possibility of making a tribute to the passion for motorcycling and stunts that his father passed on to him. Two details that make this a special project for him, and it shows in the commitment he shows to make a fun film, although with dramatic elements.

Not that it is the best combination, but there is no doubt that we have here an entertaining film with an actor who remarkably defends the role. The critics were merciless with her, although she was a hit with $228 million grossed worldwide. It was, yes, one of Cage’s last blockbusters, with the sequel Ghost Rider. Spirit of vengeance staying below those figures (although being even crazier and funnier).

You can see Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider on Disney+ and on Netflix.

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