What to see on HBO Max: it is one of Sylvester Stallone’s most extreme films and was key to resurrecting his career

Many adore him in his role as Rocky Balboa, but one of his pivotal films is in his other, more famous franchise.

A truly tremendous action movie, which massively upped the ante of a franchise that was considered over and done with. completely revitalized the career of its great star. A star who also directed the film himself and showed that he has as much skill behind the cameras as he is charismatic before them. All this is shown in john rambo.

One of the films with which Sylvester Stallone recovered his two sagas and his two most remembered characters. Rocky Balboa it was a thrilling return of his most beloved character, but this resurrection of the Vietnam vet is the one that truly impresses thanks to his outbursts of extreme violence, going further than his previous films did. It can be recovered through HBO Max.

Rambo lives in retirement in northern Thailand, leading a simple life in the mountains and staying out of the civil war that has erupted nearby on the Thai-Myanmar border. The violence of the world comes to him when a group of humanitarian volunteers look for him to guide them to a refugee camp where they want to bring medical aid and food.

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Rambo ends up accepting and makes them go up the river to the other side of the border. Two weeks later, Pastor Arthur Marsh tells him that the volunteers have not returned and that the embassies do not want to collaborate in the search for him. Rambo knows better than anyone what to do in this kind of situation.

Stallone’s career had taken a beating in the 1990s, and since then he’s tried hard to steer clear of action movies, blocking any attempt at a fourth Rambo movie. But after giving in to do Rocky Balboa began to see with other eyes to do john rambo. when she met a strong and compelling story it was fully launched.

‘John Rambo’: Inside the Soldier’s Mind

First he was going to have another director, but once the actor directed the return of Rocky himself, it seemed pertinent to do the same with john rambo. The most curious and intelligent decision of his is to set the direction as if Rambo himself did it, marking completely a wild and ultraviolent movie. Stallone shows dirty, raw and bloody action, taking us inside the frenetic and deranged mind of a traumatized soldier.

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It is quite an extreme and intense experience, not for everyone. But it is tremendously successful in what it sets out to do, getting one of the most powerful films of Stallone’s career. If you just have to see a sequel corneredit should be this, and just because of how it raises the stakes and leaves a completely visceral and devastating work.

You can see john rambo in HBO Max.

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