What to see on HBO Max: it was one of the most notorious failures of superhero cinema and Ryan Reynolds’s career almost ended

The actor has been denying for years this failed adventure as a DC superhero, although in recent years he has been reconciling. The movie is ‘Green Lantern’.

DC wants to start again on the right foot in his superhero universe with James Gunn, but along the way he has put films pending release at the feet of horses such as Shazam! The fury of the gods that they are going to try to convince that they should be seen on the screen. Possibly many already see it as a failure beforehand, but it does not deserve to be in the same category as real failures, as was the case with Green Lantern.

The failed film adaptation of one of the most important characters of DC Comics, a space vigilante with the ability to create anything within his imagination with a green ring. Ryan Reynolds tried his hand at the superhero genre before being deadpool and almost jeopardized his career. Blake Lively and Taika Waititi complete the cast of this film available at HBO Max.

In the vast and mysterious universe, there is a powerful force that has been used for centuries to preserve peace and justice. They are the “Green Lantern Corps”, a brotherhood of warriors sworn to uphold intergalactic order. The power is obtained by each of its members from a ring that gives them strength.

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But when an enemy named Parallax begins to threaten to upset the balance between the forces of the universe, the fate of the earth will rest on one manthe first human chosen to wear the ring: Hal Jordan, a talented but reckless test pilot who will become the missing piece to the astral puzzle.

The mission to bring Green Lantern to the screen has been brewing since the nineties, with Warner testing different directors. Quentin Tarantino was even offered the chance to write and direct it. Even Greg Berlanti was chosen, who would become a big man at DC thanks to the Arrowverse, but the final task fell to Martin Campbell, who was given the ballot to do an origin story and, hopefully, launching a new universe.

‘Green Lantern (Green Lantern)’: plans upset

Reynolds got quite involved, planning sequels that would expand to introduce the Green Lantern Corps and, subsequently, to League of Justice. But they couldn’t even get this one off the ground, with the producers messing with the final product too much until they turned it into another generic superhero production, without soul and without imagination. Quite the opposite of what a film should Green Lantern.

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The actor managed to get ahead, but the bitter aftertaste of failure stayed with him. disappointing box office and harsh reviews. Reynolds has since joined in on her criticism in a joking way, although he recently announced that he planned to see her again commenting on her on Twitter (and it was better than he expected). Since then there have been many frustrated efforts to re-adapt to the Green Lanterns. Who knows if Gunn will finally find the key for these characters to conquer the public.

You can see Green Lantern in HBO Max.

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