What to see on HBO Max: one of the best films nominated for the Goya Award that will break your heart into a thousand pieces

This last year of Spanish cinema has been incredible, and the nominees for best film in our industry awards show it. Even so, the wonderful ‘Cinco lobitos’ shines with its own light.

Today the 2023 Goya Awards are celebrated, the great celebration of the Spanish Film Academy of cinema that has been held in our country. And this year it couldn’t be more complete, with a good variety of great movies that are worth seeing. Although today we want to highlight one in particular that can be seen in streaming. Is about five little wolves.

The film, which is available to watch on the platform of HBO Maxis the feature film debut of Alauda Ruíz de Azúa, the last to join an incredible generation of female filmmakers. The Basque director makes an emotional family story with a fabulous cast made up of Laia Costa, Susi Sánchez, Mikel Bustamante and Ramón Barea.

Amaia has just given birth and leaves the hospital with her daughter. She is a new mother and, for the first time, realizes the changes that this new baby will bring. Despite the support of her partner and her parents for the first few weeks, she realizes that she doesn’t quite know how to act. Everything will become more complicated when her parents return to the north and her partner takes a job that will take her away from home.

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It will all overtake her soon enough, and she will be left feeling overwhelmed and helpless not knowing if she is going to be able to keep her daughter or even herself safe. That is why she herself decides to go to her parents’ house, to a town on the Basque coast, so that they can help her take care of the girl. However, being there he will enter another complication that will substantially change family dynamics.

Not a great man like Pedro Almodóvar has been able to resist the charms of a film that shows the hard moments of life, but it is tender and precious in its narration, also allowing light touches of traditional humor. The Manchego director showed his enthusiasm for Alauda’s film abroad through media such as Varietycalling it “the best debut in years in Spanish cinema”.

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It certainly gives that feeling watching it. Ruíz de Azúa explores that change in perspective that becoming a mother produces, which connects you in a really profound way with your own parents. And, at the same time, he shows that particular moment that a mother who has not yet stopped being a daughter can experience, making an amazing tale of care and navigate the difficulties that life throws at you.

Alauda finds the perfect magic to give incredible authenticity to each moment, to each phrase that is shared that contains so many things within itself. Sometimes it is said very happily that a film has truth, but five little wolves He has that in spades. And a lot of beauty. She bittersweet, but equally beautiful. She creates with you as a viewer a really special emotional relationship and it ends up breaking your heart into a thousand pieces.

You can see five little wolves in HBO Maxin Movistar and in Filmin.

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