What to see on HBO Max: the iconic ‘thriller’ with which Denzel Washington met for the first time with the director of ‘The Equalizer: The Protector’

The beginning of one of the most consistent collaborations of the actor and also the film that gave him an Oscar Award. ‘Training Day (Training Day)’ is one of his essentials and can be seen in streaming.

One of those shocking thrillers that end up marking an era almost without trying too much. With an impeccable pair of actors, one of them doing one of his most recognizable and celebrated jobs, and putting himself under the command of a young director but with a promising Hollywood career. A devastating film titled Training Day.

The film that brought together the destinies of Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua, who they would collaborate on repeated occasions in the future, as is the case of The Equalizer: The protector, the film that could be seen last night on free television. In addition to Washington, the film has a formidable cast that includes Ethan Hawke and Scott Glenn.

Jake Hoyt (Hawke), an ambitious Los Angeles Police Department officer, is up for a coveted promotion and is assigned to Detective Alonzo Harris (Washington), a highly decorated narcotics agent, for a one-day evaluation. If all goes as it should, he can become a detective in his own right and enforce justice as he had always wished.

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Alonzo is a highly revered narcotics agent with over 13 years of experience in the force, and earning his approval will mean thriving within it. However, as if the environment roiled by crime, drug dealing and cold-blooded murders weren’t complicating enough, Harris soon unveils methods of acting that make break the barrier between legality and corruption.

The film is directly inspired by the questionable and even criminal methods followed by police departments of Los Angeles to fight crime on the underserved streets. A scandal that would break out shortly before making and releasing the film, but whose reputation was already notorious enough for Fuqua to decide to make a film about it and even Washington would have a clear idea of ​​which agent to be inspired by.

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The film becomes an intense portrait of corruption through toxic masculinity and the impunity that owning a badge can produce. Washington dedicates itself in body and soul to make a damnable character but also incredibly magnetic, that justifies the practically untouchable status that he experiences. His work is so undeniable that the Academy had to award him an Oscar for best actor.

The film also works enormously due to Fuqua’s direction, which maintains a very forceful realism and a formidable thriller pulse, and for the wonderful counterpoint offered by Ethan Hawke, who is torn between his ambition and his morality. A stupendous piece of work that continues to work like a shot to this day.

You can see Training Day in HBO Max.

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