What to see on Netflix: Bruce Willis stars in a modern sci-fi classic by the director of ‘Stabs in the Back’

Before shining with mysteries like ‘The Mystery of the Glass Onion’, Rian Johnson established himself with one of the biggest surprises in fantastic cinema of the last decade. ‘Looper’ is still an amazing gem.

One of the best science fiction movies released this century, which reconsidered a classic of this genre such as the theme of time travel. A sensational film that launched one of the most interesting filmmakers in recent years, although it has had its moments of controversy. Nevertheless, Looper It remains like a pristine jewel.

With this powerful and imaginative story, Rian Johnson was confirmed as one of the visionary minds of modern cinematrying to apply his original approach to the universe of Star Wars with the last jedi (with a loud rejection from the fans) and the mystery genre with daggers in the back. His phenomenal proposal manages to come to fruition with a wonderful cast made up of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

Here he presents us with a dystopian future where time travel is a reality. A dangerous reality, so they try to regulate as much as possible. That does not prevent dangerous criminal organizations from having access to them, which use them to carry out crimes and murders that they cannot carry out in their time. Targets to be eliminated are sent back in time where some specialists eliminate them instantly.

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In that world moves Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), one of those contract killers who receives a lot of dough for killing time-traveling targets. He enjoys his life without worries or feeling responsibilities, until a mysterious man arrives from the future who manages to escape his assassination attempt. He will later reveal his true identity, why he is there and why. the fate of humanity is at stake.

The film has multitude of layers and interesting twists that make it completely fresh compared to other films with time travel. Her way of telling it is also special, with details of film noir and exploring complex moral dilemmas that are combined in a special way with the remarkable and spectacular action that it displays.

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Not counting the budget overruns of big studio sci-fi movies, it manages to have more energy and power than all of them. He is also capable of taking advantage of a Bruce Willis who returns to the genre in a big way and makes one of his last great performances. Not only with forceful charisma but also with moving dramatic moments.

Those little notes of emotion round off a fabulous movie on all levels. One that confirmed a privileged brain to rethink genres and squeeze them to the highest level. A reconfirmed talent with his character as Benoit Blanc and who can succeed again with the imminent sequel Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery.

You can see Looper on Netflix.

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