What to see on Netflix: the successful ‘spin-off’ of one of the most popular and funniest action franchises of this century arrives on the platform

A film that caused a virtually irreparable divide between two stars, but was a box office triumph at the time. It is already on the ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’ platform.

One more triumph in the collection of one of the most successful action franchises of this century and also history, which has come to exceed ten deliveries without signs of fatigue and without losing its audience. A spin-off with two of the biggest stars in the cast, who kept the fun and characteristic component of madness. The movie is Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

The long-heralded side project featuring the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham finally came to fruition in 2019, with a premiere that was one of the highlights of its year. It was achieved with director David Leitch, a debutant in the franchise fast & furious, and with Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby in the cast. From this week it is available to watch on Netflix.

Hobbs is a police officer, a member of the United States intelligence services. Shaw is a reclusive mercenary, a former member of the elite British Army Corps. They have nothing in common and they also mistrust each other, with insults and blows happening from the moment they met. Only a global threat seems to make them agree, as in their alliance with Dominic Toretto’s The Family.

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Now the world is facing a terrible new threat that could change our planet forever, so these two adversaries will have to join forces again. His objective will be to stop Brixton (Elba), who has taken possession of a dangerous biological weapon. Hobbs and Shaw they will have to put aside their enmity to save the world.

Universal had long been looking for ways to expand the franchise of fast & furious beyond the main line. the characters of hobbs&shaw they were perfect candidates given the star profiles of Johnson and Statham. However, The Rock’s drive for this project was also motivated by a certain enmity with Vin Diesel, the true star of the franchise. Reason why he’s the only one not coming back for Fast & Furious X.

‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’: absurd fun without complexes

This, however, does not alter the essence of a project that continues the main lines of the saga. Among them is the crazy action, with vehicle sequences that defy the laws of physics and some also exaggerated melee. The key is that the films of fast & furious they embrace absurdly without complexeswithout overemphasizing it, and that is why these moments are euphoric for the dedicated spectator.

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Leitch brings an interesting component to the more down-to-earth action, combat shot with great clarity and brutal elegance that one would expect from the man responsible for hits like John Wick, Atomic or Bullet Train. The thug component through comedy also gives a special charisma to an undeniably entertaining and funny moviea solid installment for the franchise.

You can see Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw on Netflix.

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