What to see on Prime Video: Viggo Mortensen’s post-apocalyptic film that has most influenced ‘The Last of Us’

With a bleak setting, survival at all costs, and powerful family dynamics, this doomsday sci-fi gem has become a landmark. ‘The Road (The road)’ can be seen on the Amazon platform.

One of those essential works of dramatic and post-apocalyptic science fictionwhich has left its mark on projects with similar intentions, such as videogames The Last of Us and, by extension, also to the new great HBO series. A devastating and emotional story that can be found on streaming and has the title The Road.

The film adapts the essential novel by Cormac McCarthy, which takes us through a scorched earth through an intense relationship between a father and his sonwho are trying to survive. Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee play this father and this son in this story that also features Guy Pearce and can be seen on the platform Amazon Prime Video.

A man and his son struggle to survive after an undetermined catastrophe causes the extinction of all plants and virtually all animals. Millions of people died due to fires and floods that occurred after the cataclysm. The man and boy travel by road towards the coast in the hope of finding a safe haven, scavenging for supplies on the way and avoiding potential threats.

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Despite the difficulties, they continue their journey on the highway, always heading to the western United States, in search of a safe place to settle. During the trip they will come across other survivors: some have gone crazy, others they have become cannibals. The forces will not always remain intact, with moments where the patriarch will question if it is not better to end everything.

This devastating story of survival at the end of the world was adapted by John Hillcoat from the incredible novel by the author of No country for old men. An independent production that could not afford to spend on CGI, so it moved to shoot in the remote forests of the northwest of the United States, being in the long run its best asset thanks to the incredible realism that provides that icy and lonely scenery.

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It is just what an adaptation of such a dark work requires, which seeks to portray a world completely ravaged by trauma. The film doesn’t offer much relief in that regard, showing the hardships and horrors they must go through with an incredibly delicious yet tremendously tough. It is not the easiest viewing, but it is one that will shock you deeply.

The presence of Mortensen, who offers a devastating job bringing this patriarch to life, helps to always be interested in what is going to happen in the history. We also have an early Kodi Smit-McPhee before its consolidation with the power of the dog Y Elvis. Here are many of the keys that are turning The Last of Us in the phenomenon of the moment.

You can see The Road in Amazon Prime Videoon Filmin and on FlixOlé.

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