What to see Prime Video: an intriguing legal ‘thriller’ with Matthew McConaughey that has been adapted into a Netflix series

The big red N has released ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ based on the popular novels by Michael Connelly. Before that, they were the basis for this phenomenal movie that we have on the Amazon platform.

A walk through the underworld of the city of Los Angeles, a mysterious murder with a man who may or may not have committed it, and a shrewd lawyer who watches everything from his office, located in the back of a car. With these tools, Brad Furman creates an intriguing legal movie called The innocentstarring Matthew McConaughey and based on the novels of the genius of police and criminal literature, Michael Connelly.

Those elements may sound familiar to you, since Connelly’s novels are the basis for a series adaptation that Netflix has now released, called The Lincoln Lawyer. It may be his new hit thriller, but it will have a hard time matching Furman’s formidable 2011 film, which received good reviews and did well in theaters. And now we can enjoy it on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

McConaughey is Michael Haller, a lawyer with the worst reputation -or the best reputation-, capable of getting any small-time criminal out of prison using all the resources at his disposal, in addition to his charismatic gibberish. He has no fixed location, since he goes from one place to another solving cases from his Lincoln Continental -the vehicle that gives the novel its title- in which he now circulates as a passenger, after being assigned a driver after having an accident due to drunk driving .

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Suddenly a striking case arrives, a fat one. Louis Roulette (Ryan Philippe), a rich Beverly Hills playboy, He is accused of murdering a prostitute after a night of crazy partying, but claims to be completely innocent. But something is wrong for Haller. Why would someone who could afford any legal help with his money go to a lawyer whose office is the back of a car? The resolution of this mystery, accompanied by the intriguing legal proceedings, are the foundations on which it stands. The innocent.

The film brings to the screen Connelly’s unique look into the criminal worlds and dark corners of the city., loaded with a lot of discontent and cynicism typical of the noir genre, and filling the function with interesting and full of life characters even if they only appear in one scene. With an old school thriller tone, told efficiently and without sugarcoating anything.

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Much of the success is also in a superb Matthew McConaughey in the leading role, returning for everything high to the judicial cinema that has already led in productions such as Time to kill and, to a lesser extent, Friendship. The actor manages to play wonderfully with the moral chiaroscuro of his character, while also reflecting the frustration at the labyrinths and traps that the case presents him with. A fabulous job that established his imminent rise as a prestigious actor in projects like Mud, Dallas Buyers Club or True Detective.

With all these pieces The innocent becomes an effective and entertaining legal film, seasoned with film noir components to make it more intense. Quality adult cinema, with no greater pretensions than to keep the viewer intrigued with suspense and reflect complex human behaviors. It is difficult for the series to achieve such a fine balance, which Furman achieves in just two hours of film.

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