What to watch on Disney+: A forgotten sequel to one of the best movies ever that’s a great taste of ’80s fantasy

The ‘Willow’ series is the latest example of Disney bringing back a work of fantasy from the past. ‘Oz, a fantastic world’ was an example produced almost 40 years ago that was not fully appreciated.

An attempt was made to make an ambitious sequel to an apparently untouchable classic that decided to take advantage of the regained appreciation for fantasy brought by the 1980s. I would not, however, have the same luck as if they ran The endless story either Willow, which continue to be remembered and even have a continuation, as in the case of the last one with a series. Nevertheless, Oz, a fantastic world offered more than was recognized at the time.

This forgotten sequel to The Wizard of Oza classic among the classics where they exist, was released by the same company that brings us the series of Willow, also available on Disney+. Before retrieving the movie to take advantage of the event, it may be better to retrieve this underappreciated piece of eighties fantasywhich was the only film directed by Walter Murch.

The continuation brings us back to the character of Dorothy, played in the original by the iconic Judy Garland and here by Fairuza Balk. She has returned to Kansas after her incredible adventure through the magical world, but it doesn’t take long to miss him. Six months later, his nights are made impossible by the eternal memory of Oz.

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His uncles want him to see a specialist who can nip these torturous fantasies that prevent him from sleeping at the root. But before the visit to the doctor Dorothy she finds a key with an anagram in which you can read “Oz”. Once in the sanatorium, a storm breaks out that causes a blackout, and she is rescued by a mysterious girl who encourages her to escape from the dangerous methods and returning to the world of oz.

Walt Disney made in 1954 the purchase of the rights to make adaptations of the other books on which it was based The Wizard of Ozfirst with the expectation of using them in the television series disneyland. The next step was going to be the sequel Rainbow Road to Oz, a movie that was never finished and left the rights in limbo until the 1980s, where they were about to expire.

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Walter Murch, who until then had been an editor for filmmakers like George Lucas or Francis Ford Coppola, applied to Disney to make his own sequel with those rights, also being his directorial debut. The end result is Oz, a fantastic world, a slightly darker and more daring film in its theme and its designs, very appreciable despite having a certain rejection at the time.

Time has done him good, being a great example of fantasy that has been gaining cult over the years. His visual effects are still interesting and impressive, and his performances are stronger than expected in the face of pressure to continue one of the most remembered films of all time. Samples of an ambitious and estimable film, although imperfect, that should not remain forgotten.

You can see Oz, a fantastic world on Disney+.

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