What to watch on Netflix: The cute anime that will make you cry episode after episode

Netflix is ​​gradually making a niche for itself in anime with the making of original series and movies. Baki, kakegurui, cat love, The Seven Deadly Sins, Blue Period, Record of Ragnarok…Y Kotaro lives alone.

The latter is an anime series that will make you cry episode after episode if you are one of those people who tear easily (and for those who have a heart, why should we fool ourselves). The story follows Kotaro Sato, a four-year-old boy who moves into a small apartment building alone.

Without parents, he lives as if he were an adult and begins to meet his neighbors, all of whom begin to assume guiding roles in Kotaro’s life, who is an educated but cautious child who frequently he showers his friends with strange gifts like tissue boxes.

It’s quite strange to have to accept that a four-year-old can live alone without anyone’s help, but the anime perfectly balances the comedy of a very intelligent and wise boy despite his age with the harsh reality of what would lead a little boy to a lonely life.


Kotaro lives alone

At first Kotarou he is quite cautious about his life before moving into the apartment complex, but with each episode we learn more about how Kotaro got to where he is now, why he behaves in this peculiar way, and how the adults he’s met in his life have improved his mental status.

Although at first glance it seems like a fairly ordinary anime, what makes it so special is how it integrates the most dramatic moments of Kotaro’s life. Kotaro lives alone presents us with the darkest side of the life of its protagonist with small moments that will surely destroy the heart of more than one.

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Kotaro lives alone is a manga written and illustrated by Mami Tsumura made up of eight volumes, the first of which was published on December 28, 2015. Netflix premiered its anime series adaptation on March 10 and consists of a season of 10 episodes . Its end implies that it will not have a season 2, although if it becomes a success, it may be renewed over time.

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