What will happen to Batman in film and television? this is what we know

2023 will be a very important year for the DC Extended Universe. James Gunn has reiterated several times that over the next few weeks and months he will announce everything that will come to the franchise after the turbulent dismissals of Henry Cavill as Superman and other superheroes in this universe.

But one of the great unknowns is the Batman of Matt Reeveswhich has already confirmed a Batverse with the Penguin series and the confirmation of a sequel to The Batman. Well, as the filmmaker himself has told through an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, both directors will meet these weeks to discuss the future of their respective universes.

We’ve already talked a couple of times. I’m supposed to meet up with him and Peter a few more times this month. They’ve been working feverishly on what they’re doing, and I’ve been working hard with my partners on all the series and products we have lined up for the future. So We are going to have a meeting where we will talk about everything that is happening and how these two universes will complement each other.. I am excited to know what they are doing and to know what each one will do. It’s going to be fun.

James Gunn denies that Wonder Woman is going to disappear from the DC Extended Universe, although he does not confirm if Gal Gadot will continue in the role

The Batman and Reeves’ subsequent works were initially conceived as completely separate and parallel projects in the DC Extended Universe. Officially, they are still different products and Gunn has previously denied rumors that Pattinson was the new Dark Knight of his franchise.

The tape starring Robert Pattinson was released before the restructuring of DC Studios, but the meetings between Reeves, Gunn and Safran can give rise to an unexpected union between both universes. Although Reeves points out that the meetings are just to know what each one will do, these frequent meetings could take a lot of importance in the future of the franchise.