When going from paper to screen seems like an impossible task. María Valverde and Dolores Fonzi give us the keys to ‘Rescue Distance’

Claudia Llosa’s film, a ‘thriller’ with touches of horror and fantasy, opens in select theaters this Friday, October 8, and arrives on Netflix on October 13. We speak with its protagonists at the San Sebastián Festival.

‘Thriller’ and a hint of horror and fantastic. Rescue distance, the new film by Claudia Llosa, is a scary tale about motherhood and the environmental crisis. But it is also one of those projects that are born on paper and that translating them into images and sound seems like an impossible task. “It is a unique event”, María Valverde tells SensaCine during the 69th edition of San Sebastian Festival. Although it was a difficult mission, Llosa has achieved what he set out to do: convert the novel of the same name by Seed Schweblin in a movie. And with good results.

The Netflix film opens this Friday, October 8th, in select theaters and the October 13 on the streaming platform of the great Jan. The film competed for the Golden Shell in the San Sebastian contest. “It is an adaptation that talks perfectly with the novel and the work they did between Samanta and Claudia is incredible”, says Dolores Fonzi, another of the film’s protagonists.

Rescue distance has as protagonist Amanda (Valverde), a woman who moves to a house in the middle of the countryside in Argentina to spend the summer with her daughter. There she befriends her neighbor Carla (Fonzi), whose son David became intoxicated and underwent a soul transmutation ritual to save his life.


To take this novel to the cinema, Llosa – nominated for the Oscar in 2010 to Best foreign film by The scared tit (2008) – worked with the creator of this story. “Claudia’s intelligence to summon Samanta to adapt the novel was also very important”explains Fonzi. “Samanta was rediscovering her own novel through what she was working with Claudia, and I think that is a fascinating opportunity for a writer”, Valverde adds.

Schweblin even directed the actress couple one day during filming. “He was giving us ideas,” says Valverde, who has also just premiered the romantic comedy on Netflix We were songs. “It was magical to see the two sitting in the combo. To feel that brotherhood between all of saying: ‘We are all in it together.’.

San Sebastián 2021 Day 4: ‘Rescue Distance’, a suggestive puzzle with intrigue as the absolute protagonist

When it comes to facing Rescue distanceIf you have not read Schweblin’s novel, Valverde believes that it is best to do it without knowing too much. “I wouldn’t say much”says the actress when asked what she would say to people before seeing the film.

“It is very compelling. It is a film that does not let you go and that keeps you in suspense all the time,” emphasizes his partner Fonzi. “It is not horror, but there is a toxic and dark background throughout the whole movie until the end […] It will leave you thinking about a lot of instances of everything: motherhood, the planet, the environmental crisis. Being a film, for me an author, it maintains a constant rhythm and interest “.


Following Valverde’s advice, we are not going to tell you too much about the film, but we do anticipate that, as the events of Rescue distance they are passing, the past and the present are intertwined thanks to the conversation between Amanda and David. The protagonist and Carla’s son are the ones who are giving clues to the viewer of the mystery that surrounds the history of the film.

Through this voice-over, David tries to get Amanda to find the moment when everything went wrong – “Don’t get lost, Amanda.” “Focus, Amanda.” “The details, Amanda, are important.” As if they were a pair of detectives trying to solve a crime.

The ‘off’ conversation of these two characters was, at times, what set the pace of the scene. “He was our skeleton in history,” explains Valverde. “The times of the film were marked by that voice-over ‘ […] We had that guide when shooting the movie “.

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