When Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff led a castle life in the Gers, their native land

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Natives of the Gers, Grichka, who died Tuesday, December 28, and his brother Igor Bogdanoff have remained attached to their native land. In 1986, they bought the Château d’Esclignac in Monfort.

Natives of Saint-Lary, in the Gers, Grichka, who died Tuesday, December 28 at the age of 72, and Igor Bogdanoff spent their childhood in a castle bought by their grandmother Bertha, who came to settle in Gascony in 1925 after leaving the Austrian Court. “It’s all our youth, we did everything there. From plowing to the sanquette or to the milking of the cows, ”Igor told our colleagues in the newspaper. South West, in an article published in 2013.

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Despite their departure for Paris, the twin brothers remained attached to their native land and in 1986 acquired the Château d’Esclignac, in Monfort, from a notary based in Lectoure, for an amount of approximately 280,000. euros.

A family celebration every year

In this beautiful building built in 1032, Grichka and Igor used to organize each year, around August 15, a large family celebration extended over two or three days. This beautiful place of (short) vacation has however turned into a burden, the lack of investment and maintenance being felt over the years. Grichka had not set foot there any more after a last visit in 2012, on the occasion of the death of her father Youra.

Sole occupant of the castle, their half-brother François Davant had alerted elected officials and the press to its state of advanced dilapidation. “The last major works in Esclignac date back to the beginning of the 90s. Since then, the storms have moved the frame and seriously weakened the roof”, he told La Dépêche du Midi in 2014.

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Two years later, Igor had resolved to make the trip and had received a specialist who came to assess the roof of the castle, the complete restoration of which had been estimated by François Davant at 4 million euros. “We have invested two million francs in 30 years for this castle, and all that is not enough, he delivered to La Dépêche du Midi in 2016. Clearly, we have to manage to mobilize financially and mobilize around the castle. After the studies, we will tackle the preservation of the castle and its restoration. “

However, nothing will be done thereafter. Like Grichka, Igor will no longer return to the castle of Esclignac, refusing, however, to sell it. The two brothers thus declined this year three takeover offers made by Cédric Davant-Lannes, president of the Gascon Heritage Preservation Association. “It is inexorably falling into ruin. The castle is called to die ”, regrets the latter’s mother today.