When reality is stranger than fiction: we’ve found the most authentic ‘Princess Mononoke’ cosplay

The anime film is one of the most famous titles from Studio Ghibli.

Princess Mononoke is one of the most beloved titles by fans of the studio ghibli. In Japan it was a box office success where it came to add 100 million euros, becoming the highest grossing film in the country’s history, until the premiere of Titanic months later (December 20, 1997).

The famous animation studio, founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata with producer Toshio Suzukihas given the public up to 22 anime titles, including the best in the history of the genre. Princess Mononoke It marked a milestone in Japanese cinema and continues to be a benchmark for all anime lovers.

The plot of the tape follows Ashitakaa young man who saves his village after killing a demon, however, they soon realize that it was actually the boar god Nago. Afraid of having been infected by the curse from him, he tries to find the source of the evil from him. In his search for answers he meets San, a young woman who has lived with the wolves and is one more creature of the forest.

The world of creatures that are embodied in Princess Mononoke have been the claim of anime fans for years and, above all, of cosplayers. But not only of the animals and characters as diverse as they are curious, but of its protagonist San. This mysterious woman of the woods sports a look and clothing that is as iconic as it is difficult to replicate.

However, there is no challenge that can be resisted for anime lovers and if they are cosplayers, even more so. After seeing numerous cosplay of this character, we have found the definitive one. Judge for yourself in the video we show you from TikTok, below.

The tiktoker Sunnigowo has recreated one of the most famous costumes of Princess Mononoke. But, she has not limited herself to replicating the costume, but she has also done the photo session in the perfect environment, In the middle of the forest. This makes the cosplay the most authentic we’ve seen to date.