When Super Mario had his own music CD a la Makineros Smurfs and it was full of great songs

Those were other times, without a doubt, and it is necessary to put yourself in a situation to understand this little madness. We are in the year 1992 and Nintendo had just released titles like Super Mario Kart either Kirby’s Dream Land. both the consoles SNES What game boy They were starting to hit hard, and the Japanese needed a little push beyond video games to reach more and more people. How to do it? a gentleman named Simon Harriswith experience in the world of music production, had the answer.

One fine day this Briton was fascinated by the sounds of Super Mario Land. The music initially composed by Hirokazu Tanaka entered his ears and he could not ignore its quality. He reminded her of house style music, and believed that it was a great opportunity to transfer these rhythms to the public on the street and give rise to a best seller. Perhaps the latter was too much to ask, but it was clear that Harris felt something when he heard the chords of the mythical game produced by Gunpei Yokoi. So he got down to business and started work on a single that today is remembered with much nostalgia.

The Super Mario rap that Miyamoto fell in love with

The first thing Simon Harris did was find a talented singer who matched what he needed. He hired einsteina rapper voice charged with energy, and neither short nor lazy, began to produce the song, which he named “Super Marioland”, without first consulting Nintendo. Today this would probably be unfeasible, but at that time the copyright issue was not as evolved as it is today. Total, that once with the disc in his hands, the good old Harris stood at Nintendo and presented his work.

Simon Harris and Miyamoto

Simon Harris (Music of Life co-founder) with Miyamoto.

It might be surprising, but the single delighted the company’s workers. It was so well accepted that it was decided record a video clip with the rapper dancing and singing along with Super Mario himself (with a somewhat shabby characterization, it must be said). But the video had a hook, with rhythms taken mostly from the Super Mario Land video game, which made it quite recognizable for the time. The recording was made in Chessington World of Adventuresan amusement park in which they were surely very happy with the promotion.

The single “Supermarioland” spent several weeks in the UK music TOP, with which you can imagine its impact. However, the great pity is that this never made it to the United States, although it did to Japan. In fact, Shigeru Miyamoto himself became so interested in the musical work that he approved the creation of an entire album with a total of 54 minutes of remixes from the Super Mario games. You may hear it today to verify that it is a real curiosity that is hard to believe that it came true.

received the name of Super Mario Compact Disc and it was executed as if it were a radio program, with the rapper posing as a certain MC Mario. Crazy, but that’s the way it is, or rather: that’s the way it was in the 90s! A time to which also belong, by the way, musical themes such as Super Sonic, the plumber’s competitor at the time. But maybe we’ll leave that for another time.

PHOTO SOURCE: Photograph Simon Harris and Miyamoto from Eurogamer.