When truth is stranger than fiction: we’ve found the best ‘The Incredibles’ cosplay

After seeing it you will not want to stop watching the one of all the members of the superhero family.

The Incredibles

The world of cosplays is a universe in which it is very easy to get lost but very difficult not to find one that fascinates you. The dedication of the fans is sometimes so great that it is difficult to discern between fiction and reality, and the latter cosplay that we have found will make you unable to stop looking for others.

Disney animated films or superhero movie sagas are a gold mine for cosplayers, many of whom find the Mickey Mouse House as the best place to go to develop their new costumes and give free rein to their imagination. .

But being a cosplayer is not just dressing up, it’s getting into the identity of the characters, and not everyone achieves that. Who has achieved it is Olkaaklo, a cosplayer, designer and makeup professional, in her portrayal of Violet from The Incredibles.

Incredible true? The cosplayer has gone to choose one of the characters most loved by the fans of the tape. Her mysticism and talent have made Violeta have a completely different personality from any female superhero we’ve seen. If you’ve seen the movies, you know that Olkaaklo has chosen two iconic gestures of the character in the film and that perfectly show Violeta’s sides.

Her development as the eldest daughter of Mr Incredible maintains all the most characteristic details of this character in the animated film of disney pixar. From her black headband to the special eye color of her eldest daughter. Everything is measured to the millimeter and designed with great luxury of detail.

The artist, in addition to having made this fantastic cosplay of Violeta, has also wanted to show the before and after of her transformation. It must be recognized that even before putting on Violeta’s outfit, his physical resemblance it is quite reasonable.