Where’s Rick Grimes? ‘The Walking Dead’ offers new clues to his whereabouts in ‘World Beyond’

The reappearance of Jadis in the universe just three years after the disappearance of the ‘sheriff’ returns from the hand of an interesting mention of the character.

Just when three years have passed since the disappearance of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, the third series within AMC’s zombie universe, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, has offered new clues about the whereabouts of the former sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln. It has happened with the entrance on the scene of Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), who has become the great surprise of the second season of World Beyond after disappearing with Rick in the ninth season of the original series.

The reappearance of Jadis in the universe The Walking Dead It is important, since, as you will remember, the one who was the leader of the landfill community was a key element in the departure of the protagonist of the series. In the episode in which we fired Rick Grimes forever, Jadis found him badly injured and contacted the enigmatic helicopter that we had seen in previous episodes to communicate to those on the other side of the walkie that “had a B.” After the conversation, Rick was picked up by the MCA helicopter and taken to an unknown location that we are still wondering about three years later.

What happened to the leader of Alexandria we will discover in a trilogy of films that was confirmed after the broadcast of the episode of the character’s departure. However, along the way and especially by the hand of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, we have been getting some clues. The last of them, as expected, with the arrival of the Jadis series, the last one that saw him alive.


The episode that has contributed new clues as to what fate has brought to Rick After being picked up by the helicopter, it was issued last Sunday, November 7, at AMC -and the next day at AMC Spain- ‘Who Are You?’ (2×06). Not much is revealed in it, but Jadis’s entrance on the scene confirms where it took him.

Six years have passed since that famous helicopter ride and Jadis is now introduced as CRM Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes. Both she and the authoritarian organization have a mission to defend the Civic Republic, home to more than 200,000 survivors, as part of the Alliance of the Three that represents the famous symbol that we have seen so many times in the universe. With Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) gone indefinitely, the MCA brings in Jadis Stokes to conduct an audit at one of their facilities in Ithaca, New York. There, under the orders of her superiors, Dr. Lyla Belshaw (Natalie Gold) is carrying out experiments with walkers that can offer them relevant data to end the zombie epidemic.

Jadis’s investigation leads her to uncover a conspiracy that has killed thousands of people in other Alliance communities and, in her exposition, reveals how she came to the Civic Republic six years ago:

I gave the CRM something very valuable, and got a new vine


Rick Grimes is picked up by the helicopter in season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Is that so valuable Rick Grimes himself? Of course, Pollyanna McIntosh is sure that it is. “I like that they put that line in the script about how valuable he is,” he confesses in an interview with Comic Book. Because Jadis cared for Rick, and respected him tremendously, and appreciated what he had done for her. So yeah, when you say ‘valuable, you don’t just mean for CRM’.

‘The Walking Dead’: What does it mean to Rick that ‘World Beyond’ has revealed the meaning of the mysterious ‘A’ and ‘B’?

As revealed in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Previously, ranks A and B denote the categories of people destined to serve as guinea pigs for sordid experiments conducted for the CRM or who have the potential to serve as recruits in the Civic Republic. His agreement with the organization was to hand over prisoners to them and as part of that agreement he offered Rick Grimes as a ‘B’, a valuable option for them.


Also in statements to Comic Book, McIntosh reveals she’s excited for fans to continue to watch the story continue:

I’m excited to see what people think as we go because this is just the beginning

Without a doubt, a promise that will delight those who most eagerly await the films starring Andrew Lincoln. About them, we know that they are still going on, but the crisis in the industry after Covid-19 has delayed everything a lot. However, McIntosh says he does not yet have any information that he can share.

While, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will end forever with season 2 currently airing.