Who is Arturo Sancho: the actor who triumphs in ‘The Promise’, but who was fired from filming for having participated in ‘Big Brother’

The interpreter stars in the daily series of La 1 where he gets into the role of Manuel, son of the Marqueses of Luján.

The promise is the big surprise of this season. The daily series of La 1 has more and more viewers hooked, reaching more than a million. A period story full of secrets and impossible loves are the main keys to this fiction. The cast is also one of the factors that make the Spanish series a great success. In fact, the past of one of its protagonists is very curious since His career in television began in big brother 12. We talk about Arturo Sanchowho plays Manuel Lujan in The promise.

Sancho’s character is Manuel, the son of the Marquises of Luján and who has become one of the people who prevents Jana (Ana Garcés) from discovering the whole truth about her past after the death of her mother and the disappearance of her brother. And it is that, between both protagonists there is a love story that with each passing episode is more complicated than it occurs when having to marry Jimena.

Most viewers will not remember him, but Arturo Sancho passed through Guadalix de la Sierra’s house 12 years ago. The actor participated in GH 12 with the surname “García” to replace Julio ‘El Feroz’ after his disciplinary expulsion from the successful ‘reality’. With Mercedes Milá still in charge of the program, the interpreter lasted only three weeks in the house but not without controversy. In fact, the mythical presenter even scolded her for her lousy contest. A beautiful experience that has come to harm his career as an actor.

‘The Promise’: this week, Jana closer to discovering the truth and Manuel’s decision with Jimena

An impressive experience, but one that has hurt him

In an interview granted to The confidentialArturo Sancho confessed that he lived in “reality”a wonderful experience, I will not deny itnor to throw it to the ground”. The young man was 20 years old at the time and now, at 32, it is clear that it was a wrong decision. “The fact that I am doing this project, after so many years, has a lot to do with for me to get out of Big Brother“, admits the actor to said medium.

“When you are a television product it is very difficult to dedicate yourself to acting and it has taken me many years. I have studied, I have trained, I have worked, but my way through Big Brother It has hurt me a lot in my career.. I hope with The promise people can see all those years of work. They even threw me out of filming for having been in Big Brother“, stated in the same interview Arturo Sancho.

I had always wanted to be an actor and I thought that a show like that could be a catapult for my acting career. But I was absolutely wrong

His past in the world of acting

After passing through the house of Guadalix, Arturo Sancho decided to focus on fulfilling his dream of being an actor despite the bumps in the road. The interpreter was trained in the most famous schools in our country such as Juan Carlos Corazza’s acting school or Marta Valverde’s singing for musical theater. A constant work that finally has his reward, and little by little he is removing the label of “ex-great brother”.

His jump to the small screen came hand in hand with Netflix with The heirs of the land, the eight-episode series starring Yon González and Michelle Jenner, among others. The interpreter has participated in several short films, such as chained and Rhodium, but also in video clips. Although his professional career has focused on theater with successful plays, such as Blood Wedding either the root of the cry.

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