‘Who prevents it’, the portrait of a generation by Jonás Trueba: “It is an audiovisual diary of our adolescence and we can see how we were years ago”

Marta Casado, Pablo Gavira and Claudia Navarro, three of the protagonists of the film by the director of ‘La reconquista’ and ‘La virgen de Agosto’, visit us on ‘El TolChou’ on the Twitch channel ElStream.

Five years of their lives have been spent in front of the cameras. Behind them was Jonás Trueba, director of films such as The reconquest and The virgin of august. Claudia Navarro, Marta Casado and Pablo Gavira are three of the gang of protagonists of Who prevents it, a kind of fictional documentary that portrays the lives of a group of young people.

“They are real situations. Many times told through fictionalized situations. But with a script created by us”, Gavira tells in El TolChou, the Twitch channel show ElStream from Webedia. He and his companions, Casado and Navarro, have visited us to tell us about this film that hit theaters on October 22. “It is a mixture of many styles of film poetry that, in the end, creates a very exciting project”continues the actor. “It was not a pretense of making a generational portrait “adds Navarro.

You can rewatch the Twitch live below:

Who prevents it follows its protagonists in different situations that every teenager goes through: their end-of-year trip, when they go to vote, when they have political debates or philosophical thoughts … A film that portrays adolescents in a very different way from Elite, the hit Netflix series. “In San Sebastián we met Arón Piper and I said: ‘We’re just the fucking opposite’. He is a Greek god and then I am so good … “, Gavira remembers with laughs.

Trueba’s film competed in the Official Section of the past 69th edition of the San Sebastián Festival. He did not take the Golden Shell, but he did take the Silver Shell for Best Cast Performance sharing the stage with Jessica Chastain. The interpreter won the award for Best Performance by Tammy Faye’s eyes. An ‘ex aequo’ award also won by Flora Ofelia Hofman Lindahl for As In Heaven.

“You come from the neighborhood, without being an actor and suddenly you are there with Jessica Chastian”, says Gavira, who came to the contest with an attitude that completely changed after the screening of the film.

As the actor continues:

I was going to San Sebastián to ask for forgiveness and I was thanking me. I saw [en la película] and he said and did things that, right now I look at myself and see myself, and I didn’t understand why it was like that. In the end, one learns to take it tenderly. There were scenes in the movie theater where he was holding Jonas’s arm and they started clapping. I ended up crying at the exit of the Kursaal


“It’s a diary and we are lucky enough to be able to look at it years ago and see ourselves at 13 and say: ‘What the hell! That was me!’. To see again what he thought, the insecurities he had …”, says Casado. Precisely all those things that they have lived and have thought have been portrayed in the film and, of course, their parents have also seen them. Some with more shame than others.

“It’s weird,” Casado recalls. “It’s weird because your dad is watching all of that and you say, ‘How is he going to get out of the movie? Is he going to ask awkward questions?’ It is nice that you really see what is happening in your home and what is happening to your daughter“.

This is how the neighborhood boys from ‘Who Prevent it’ came to share the stage with Jessica Chastain

For his companions, however, it was not so uncomfortable. “It gave me the feeling that my parents were not taking anything new. They knew that he smoked, that he drank from time to time, but they still didn’t know that he suddenly had a philosophical thought, “explains Gavira.

“I didn’t care if they saw him. If he was playing a role, I’d be ashamed”, says Navarro, who is studying sociology, but is a lover of photography. The actress also acknowledges that Who prevents it He has changed her life a bit by helping her with her shyness. “Facing yourself to be in front of a camera are things that have made me face that shyness, which was something I wanted to change and that would have cost me a lot if I had not met Jonás”.

Casado, on the other hand, has made it clear what he wants to do. He is already studying interpretation: “When I left the interview with Jonás I said: ‘OK, I’m going to be an actress’. It is something nice that from the age of 13 you already know what you want. Choosing a career has saved me. ”

As Casado continues:

When you start to decide your future you say: ‘If I am an actress I can be all the roles I want. I can be a lawyer, I can be a journalist… ‘. It is such a beautiful job, because you know yourself so much, because you have to have an energy on stage, because you have to know how you have to speak, the energy of the people around you … That subject should be given

As for Gavira, participating in the film has made him know that he can count on the team on a personal level The Illusions, the producer of Trueba and Javier Lafuente. The actor has a music group called Ayuso Dominatrix and studies musicology. When he published a song that went viral and was asked to make video clips, he called the director for advice. “In my hardest moments he has been there “, it states. “I freaked out and who do I call ?: All Joni.”


Who prevents it It took years of filming to be able to record the lives of its protagonists. What was it like living with a camera in front of you for so long?

“I think it did not influence us. The environment with Jonás was very comfortable and it was something else that was there. You let yourself flow and it ends up leaving”Navarro responds. The actress also admits that she does not remember any hard moments during the filming of the film. “I really enjoyed it and every time Jonás called us to shoot, he would say, ‘Please.’

As an anecdote, Gavira recalls that the racord thing – the continuity between different shots of a shoot – got out of hand on one occasion: “I screwed up because I dyed my hair from one scene to another”.

If you haven’t seen yet Who prevents it, you are in time to do it with some special passes. The Golem Cinemas de Madrid will screen the film from December 14 to 12 with a presentation by Trueba and the leading actors. On these lines, do not miss the trailer for the film.

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