“Why are you smiling?”, 20th feature film shot in the 47

the essential
Agen will again serve as the setting for a feature film, the 20th, made in the department in 10 years, a real satisfaction for Hervé Bonnet, the director of the Lot-et-Garonne filming reception office (BAT47).

Christine Paillard and Chad Chenouga’s cameras have been installed in Agen since yesterday, for almost 3 weeks, the time to shoot almost half (1) of the scenes of the film “” Why are you smiling?”, a comedy with Jean-Pascal Zadi.

A 20th shoot which rewards the work of the BAT47. “For each project, we read the scenario and we try from that to identify the most suitable sites. It depends a lot on the visual universe of the director, we try to get into his head”, explains its director Hervé Bonnet .

And with “Why are you smiling?”, the BAT47 takes another step towards comedy, a genre in which it has not yet worked much. For 10 years, it has been mainly French auteur films that have chosen to anchor their plots in the department.

A variety of settings and real local support

Factories, but also medieval villages or even fields and rows of vines, Lot-et-Garonne benefits from a wide variety of settings, each filmmaker can find his account, provided that the BAT47 has succeeded in imagining their universe…

And it would seem that the expertise of the team no longer needs to be demonstrated, just look at the list of projects that have placed their trust in it (read below). “There is the know-how of the BAT47, but also the presence of very competent technicians on the territory”, advances Hervé Bonnet. In addition, a support fund exists in the department and the projects are often subsidized by the departmental and regional councils.

For the shooting of their film, the directors Christine Paillard and Chad Chenouga were also able to benefit from the logistical support of the agglomeration of Agen. “It’s easier to shoot here than in Paris for example, especially in terms of authorizations”, slips the director of BAT47.

Each shoot is the culmination of long-term work between the film crew and the shooting reception desk. Hervé Bonnet explains that “for a film, there are 7 to 8 projects that never see the light of day”, the BAT47 had also worked with Chad Chenouga. He will be in Agen on Monday with Christine Paillard, and the nearly 60 members of the film team “Why are you smiling?”.

With this shoot, the BAT47 is starting the year on a high note and hopes to see other great projects come to fruition (4 shoots are currently under study, including a documentary).

(1) The other half of the scenes will be shot in Gironde.