Why do The Last of Us: Part 1? Naughty Dog reveals the reason why they recovered Joel and Ellie’s trip with a remake – The Last of Us: Part 1

The saga of The Last of Us is on everyone’s lips. And this is something that does not surprise us: his series, broadcast on HBO, has broken audience records both in USA like in Spain, so there are many viewers who have decided to switch to video games to learn the full story of Joel and Ellie. For this reason, Naughty Dog prepares the launch of The Last of Us: Part 1 on its PC version and, at the same time, dealing with a debate that started with the announcement of the game: Was this remake necessary?

Because the Naughty Dog team is aware of all the comments that have been made about the development of their game, which already has a remaster for PS4, but it seems that He has been convinced with the project for a long time. According to account Matthew Gallant, director of the delivery, in the new Noclip documentary called ‘Re-Making The Last of Us Part I‘, this decision was made with The Last of Us: Part 2.

“The starting point was Do the flashbacks in The Last of Us: Part 2, and seeing them alongside, you know, the events of The Last of Us: Part 2. It ignited this inspiration for the studio, ‘What if we made the whole game look like this? What if we made The Last of Us look like these flashbacks that we’ve been simulating so that it’s contiguous with The Last of Us: Part 2?’ And that, overall, was a very appealing idea, to have The Last of Us and do it, so if you wanted to play both games from start to finish, you wouldn’t be playing a PS3 game and then a PS5 game.”

In the documentary, Gallant doesn’t just focus on The Last of Us and its initial release on PS3, but also recalls the existence of the remaster released on PS4. In this sense, the director takes advantage of the talk to delve into the details that differentiate The Last of Us: Part 1 with the title that came to the previous generation of consoles.

“Yeah, there was the remaster on PS4, but that was just a remaster-scale project. It’s going in and, you know, improving the graphics engine, taking all the tweakable numbers and maxing them out as much as we could on the new hardware, but really It’s not going back and fundamentally redoing assets, integrating our latest technology. It’s more like an exercise in technological art. If you were someone who wanted to start the series, play Part 1 and Part 2, and you’ll be playing it in 2023, you’d have this huge leap in graphical fidelity between generations.”

What did we think of The Last of Us: Part 1?

The sales speak for themselves: the HBO series has made many users buy The Last of Us: Part 2 to know how the story of Joel and Ellie continues, but there are those who have decided to enter the saga through The Last of Us: Part 1. In this sense, we take the opportunity to remember the minimum and recommended requirements to enjoy the trip on PCalthough we also encourage you to read our analysis In case you want to know our opinion on the PS5 version.

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