“Why not leave it in a game?”: The actor who gave life to Joel in The Last of Us was against making a series – The Last of Us

Next Monday the first season of the The Last of Us series. The production of HBO Max is preparing for the outcome of this first adventure on the platform after having released last Monday the episode 8who continued to tell us about Joel and Ellie’s trip with the particularity that an old acquaintance appeared in it: Troy Baker.

We are talking about the actor who gives life to the character of Joel in the Naughty Dog video games, who has been awarded a cameo in the television series playing another character. But what he has surprised is what he has revealed recently spoken with Deadline about The Last of Us: at first, he opposed the series.

Baker says that he initially positioned himself against the idea of ​​making a television series because, from his point of view, it was an unnecessary product:

“It’s all been very surprising because we couldn’t expect anything from this. I was against the idea of ​​the series. I wondered: ‘why not leave it in a game?‘. Neil Druckmann told me that he believed the story was good enough to reach people who will never pick up a controller. Seeing the impact of this series on people has been most amazing.”


The eighth episode, record

Precisely episode number 8 of The Last of Us series, in which Troy Baker appears, has achieved a new milestone for production. The series has recorded a new audience record after having established a high viewership figure in HBO and HBO Maxsurpassing the data obtained with the premiere of episode 3 a few weeks ago.