Why Season 2 of ‘Midnight Mass’ Is Unlikely

The first (and only) season of Mike Flanagan’s new horror series consists of seven episodes and is now available in full on Netflix.

If you like horror stories, chances are you’ve got hooked on the new series from Mike Flanagan, creator of The curse of Hill House and The curse of Bly Manor, for Netflix. The seven episodes that make up the first season of Midnight mass They saw the light last Friday on the streaming platform as one of the most anticipated premieres of 2021 and in just one weekend fiction already leads the top of the most popular. However, if you’ve already eaten them, It seems that you will have to say goodbye forever to Crockett Island and its disturbing inhabitants.

With Midnight mass Mike Flanagan has carried out a project that has been on his mind for many years. Before developing Netflix’s two successful anthology horror series and before even directing Gerald’s Game, Hush and Oculus: Mirror of Evil. Before the streaming platform came into play, no channel gave him the opportunity to carry out his project, but now, with time in between, he acknowledges having realized that he would not have been able to do it in the same way either. .

In any case, with Midnight mass Mike Flanagan has carried out a very personal professional project and is especially delighted with the result, but He has already told the story he wanted to tell. Or at least it seems so in this first season of seven episodes, if we take into account how events unfold and what is left in the face of a possible second installment.

Eye! Below are key details of the ending of ‘Midnight Mass’, so if you haven’t seen the entire first season yet, you’d better stop reading now.

Why season 2 is unlikely

The main reason a season 2 of Midnight mass seems unlikely because only two characters manage to survive to the seven episodes that make up the first installment: Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney) and Leeza Scarborough (Annarah Cymone), two teenagers who are not infected by the disease that reproduces at full speed on the island and they manage to escape in a boat .

At a certain point in the process, as Flanagan explains to Entertainment Weekly, “it was clear to us that no one was going to live, that the story had that kind of Jonestown sequence that made it clear that we were telling a parable and a terrible tragedy. “However, despite having made that decision, two characters finally left alive.

We felt like they’d been through enough, that they were some kind of new Adam and Eve out there in the water.

According to the director, what he wanted to tell was to make that decision, since it is a reflection of what he himself has come to think over the years after thinking about the same question: “For most of this project, I was preoccupied with what happens after we die. What is the correct answer? How do we answer that question while we are alive? It took me until very recently, to the last twist of this script to realize that it does not matter, as much as the question about what we do when we are alive. The only thing that matters is how that belief changes our behavior towards others while we are alive. “

‘Midnight Mass’, Mike Flanagan’s most personal project he didn’t think he could do

Reading Flanagan’s statements, Little seems to indicate that in his head there is a continuation for this project that he carried in his mind for more than a decade and that it has finally materialized on Netflix in the most round way that it has been possible. However, with Warren and Leeza still alive and without actually seeing the vampires burn, a small door will always be left open to this possibility.

For now Midnight mass begins and ends with the seven episodes that are already in full on Netflix.