Why should you watch ‘Arcane’ whether or not you are a fan of ‘League of Legends’?

Warrior Custodian

Warrior Custodian


Animation series can also continue to be enjoyed as an adult, be it Western series or anime, which he has been enjoying since he was a child.

The third act of the first season premieres on Netflix on November 20.

Arcane is the new Netflix animation series based on the acclaimed and well-known video game League of Legends. Today, it is in the seventh position of the most watched series of the streaming platform with the premiere of its second act that consists of three new episodes.

In the absence of three more to finish the first season, many people may put it back that it is based on League of Legends, or popularly known as Lol. But no further from the truth Arcane It has been made so that anyone outside the game can enjoy the story told in the series.

Having seen the first four episodes and never having played League of Legends, the story of Arcane It grabs you from minute one and so does its incredible animation style. The first act tells how two sisters try to survive in the seedy city of Zaun and how one of them unleashes a war between Zaun and the rich and balanced Piltover.



The second act we see these two sisters again, but adults and with very different paths. It is also revealed how the magical or Hextech technology introduced in Piltover has evolved, a technology that could create more problems than solutions. If you are oblivious to everyone related to League of Legends, Arcane it can perfectly catch you with its history and mythology.

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In addition, its creators, Christian Linke and Alex Yee, have wanted to build the series completely independent of the video game so that any fan of the animated series can enjoy it without any problem:

From the get-go, we tried to create something that alone can be a great story about characters that you can relate to regardless of your knowledge of the game. We wanted to create something independent that you could follow and fall in love with just the same.

The first season of Arcane it has been divided into three acts of three episodes each. On Netflix, today, the first six are available. While the last three will arrive at the platform next Saturday, November 20 at 9 in the morning.