Will Hande Erçel appear in Kerem Bürsin’s new film as producer?

Rumors are stirred. It is possible that the protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’ will work together again soon, although not as we expect.

Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel are looking forward to working together again and, although they have stated that there is still time for that, it may happen earlier than planned. What if the actors of Love is in the air They will coincide again on a project soon, but not the one that the fans expect? This question arises as a result of a wave of rumors and the culprit has been Erçel herself, who recently uploaded a story in which she taught the book by Ahmet Ümit that she was reading: Land of the Lost Gods.

Why is that book so important? Because Kerem Bürsin, through his production company Braveborn, is developing an adaptation of another novel by the same writer, Love is Dog. This curious relationship is what has led many to think that perhaps the ‘stories’ is indicating something.

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The image that the actress has shared has set off all the alarms among the followers. We know that what they upload to the social network is very measured and It is possible that the objective of the publication is precisely that, to make everyone go crazy thinking about a possible collaboration. It could be a way to draw attention to the project of the Braveborn production company. That is, to put the focus on it and that the media give it publicity.

Another reason could be that, indeed, Hande Erçel is considering the possibility of working on the project and is investigating the author’s work to better understand his way of thinking. She would be delighted to work with her partner again after the experience in Love is in the air, but they have always talked about something long term, so it is surprising that it is about that. It could also be that Erçel would have signed for the adaptation of the book he has shared and not for the one developed by the Bürsin company.

Finally, we cannot rule out that it is a simple moment of relaxation for the actress and that she did not want to send any message with that photograph. Perhaps you were reading placidly and wanted to share the moment with your followers while recommending a novel. Now that he is on hiatus from a grueling final year, he finds it easier to spare time to pursue his hobbies.

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