Will ‘Heartstopper’ have season 2? The protagonists open up about the future of the series

The new Netflix fiction has been received with open arms by the audience and more and more people do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a love story that is pure light. What plans does the platform have?

Many were looking forward to it after the success of the Alice Oseman comic series of which it is an adaptation, but heart stopper has turned out to be much more than the Netflix version of a nice graphic novel and a romantic teen fiction. heart stopper It is light in its purest form, proof that love never has to be toxic and, in short, the series that we all needed. A fiction capable of brightening your day through the love story between two young high school students who live their experience in a sincere, exciting and joyful way, but, above all, healthy. As much as insecurities, doubts and the eternal problem of ‘bullying’ are also part of the equation.

heart stopper is a breath of fresh air that, hand in hand with an LGTBI+ love story narrated with optimism, innocence and a lot of heart, is capable of captivating audiences of all ages and filling them with joy and hope. In fact, since it was released almost a couple of weeks ago on Netflix, fiction has not moved from the carousel of the most popular on the platform and more and more people -romantic and non-romantic- dare to give it a opportunity, fruit of word of mouth, to the tender story starring Nick and Charlie.

Others, those of us who have already completely fallen in love with them in the first season, are looking forward to Netflix confirming that there will be more. That Nick and Charlie still have a future ahead of them to continue showing that a non-toxic love story is possible even while living with the ghosts and problems that any teenager would face.

Will there be season 2 of ‘Heartstopper’?

At the moment there has been no official renewal by the streaming platform, but we know that the “custom” is to analyze the audience data and hours of viewing after the first weeks of the title in question on the platform.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to look at the renewal with the same optimism as heart stopper waste on all four sides. On the one hand because everything is praise from the public and critics, but also because Alice Oseman’s graphic novel saga of which it is an adaptation still has material to explore.

Is it worth watching ‘Heartstopper’? The romantic series of the season is already on Netflix

“We need everyone to see the first season or there will be no season 2,” argues excited Joe Locke, the person in charge of bringing Charlie Spring to life, in statements to Entertainment Weekly when asked how they would like to see Heartstopper continue in season 2. “That’s for sure, the first installment is the priority,” added Kit Connor, who plays Nick.

And once that first step is overcome, the rest is a piece of cake, according to what they say: Keep telling what Alice Oseman designed for her story on paper.

I think it’s very easy to anticipate the second season from volumes three and four of the novels. [Joe Locke]

“Charlie develops an eating disorder and his mental health worsens, so I think it’s an interesting thing to look at, especially if the show is still a teen title,” explains Locke. “Whenever mental health is addressed on television it tends to be very dark and I think what our series has done very well so far is address the issues but from an optimistic perspective. You can always see the light at the end of the tunnel, you always know it’s going to be better.”

Connor fully agrees that “it would be an interesting topic to tackle”: “It’s kind of important what they go through in volume 3, how to deal with it as a couple and learn healthy habits as a couple.” Still, as a fan, he is also hoping that the series can continue to explore how the love story progresses between two other characters whose story is not as under the spotlight as Nick and Charlie’s and is simmering: that of CAT [William Gao] and Elle [Yasmine Finney].

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