Will Poulter signs for Marvel to be Adam Warlock: Here’s why it matters

The actor joins the well-known cinematographic universe with a role that has been among the rumors for years. What is your role in the comics? What value does it bring now?

Will Poulter has landed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Adam Warlock. If you are a fan of the world of superheroes, this name must sound familiar to you, since it has been appearing in the bets for years about the new characters that could appear in the following films of the study. Now, finally, he has his role more than confirmed with the announcement of the actor who will give him life.

James Gunn welcomed him into the family of Guardians of the Galaxy through his Twitter account. “He is an incredible actor and a wonderful boy. See you in a couple of weeks,” wrote the director, to which Poulter has responded: “Thank you James. It’s a real honor to play this role and work with you. I’m really looking forward to going to work.”.

The first clue of his introduction came in Guardians of the Galaxy, when Gunn hinted at it on the post-credit scene by introducing his famous protective shell. On Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 his presence was closer, with another string of winks. Years later, we will see him on the big screen and, before the big moment arrives, we are going to review why his role in the saga is important and what role he will fulfill in the new Star Lord movie.

Who is Adam Warlock?

In the comics, Adam Warlock is Thanos’ arch enemy and one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe. It has been since it was born in the 60s, during the comic series dedicated to the Fantastic Four, and has been maintained in the many decades of publications of La Casa de las Ideas. It originated in the minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, although Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin had a lot to do with its development.

He came to the comics with the name ‘He’, a powerful being genetically engineered by a group of scientists called the Enclave. He managed to escape his shell and became known as Adam once he set out on his own. Meanwhile, and if we tell his life very briefly, he received the Soul Stone from the High Evolutionary and transformed into Warlock. He was able to see the effects of the gem as he struggled to control it. After a learning stage, he became the historical rival of Thanos.

In its years of existence, has shared stories with Thor, Lady Sif, the Avengers and Captain Marvel. Marvel saw in him potential and made him the protagonist of series such as Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Crusade O Infinity War. In fact, he was part of the group that comes together to defeat Thanos and his infinity gauntlet. Protecting the gems has been one of their main functions until now.

Adam Warlock is a very powerful being. He may not have the strength of other companions, but he can call on comic forces to improve his abilities and thus be able to fly, channel energy with his hands, or regenerate his own wounds – no matter how deadly – by hiding. in its cocoon, as if it were a silkworm.

Adam Warlock’s role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

And now, the important thing, what do you paint in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If in the comics it is a key piece to destroy Thanos and that is something that has already appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and EndgameWhat role does it play in Guardians? Your presence can serve to introduce other beings like the High Evolutionary who gave the gem And of course, is justified after the brawl that the superhero group has with Ayesha (Elizabeth debicki) and the rest of the sovereign race.

At the end of Vol.2, Ayesha confirms that Adam is the next step in the evolution of his community. This could indicate that we are facing a young Warlock, who is still discovering himself and is not clear about what his future may be. Since Marvel is laying the groundwork for the next stage of the franchise, maybe we will see the birth of one of the protagonists of the new MCU films.

Gunn wanted Warlock to be a main plot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but removed it because too many characters were already showing up. “I love it, it’s one of my favorites. At first I wrote a treatment where Adam Warlock was a big part of the script. […] I think we did something really creative and uniqueBut there were too many characters and I didn’t want to lose Mantis. “

Years later, Gunn has finally been able to fulfill his dream and is about to work with Poulter to bring Adam Warlock to life. Spectators will have to wait a little longer to discover what they are up to. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 It will be released in 2023.

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