Will Smith talks about his tough childhood: “My father abused my mother, but he was also one of the best men I’ve ever known”

The actor publishes a book, ‘Will’, where he tells harsh details of his childhood. It also releases a movie. ‘The Williams method’ arrives in Spanish cinemas this Friday, January 21. He talks about both things in his interview as a guest on ‘El Hormiguero’.

“When my father passed away, I felt like I was finally free to tell what my childhood and my life had really been like,” says Will Smith of his book, Will -ya available in Spain-, as a guest in the anthill. For the public, the actor has always been that cheerful and charismatic person that we see on the big and small screen. In our minds, it has never ceased to be the Will of The prince of Bel Air and the truth is that, in addition to sharing his character, he has in common with his character a hard childhood that he now tells openly.

My father abused my mother, but at the same time, he was also one of the best men I have ever known.. That is a conflict that really hits you because you think: shouldn’t you hate someone who mistreats your mother? It took me years to be able to process that dichotomy,” says Smith on the Pablo Motos program. “I think that has also been one of the reasons why I wanted to write this book, because I know that there are many people in the world who face similar situations. That blocks you and prevents you from achieving the goals you have in life. Your own traumas are what prevent you from achieving the career you seek,” he says.

This reflection fits very well in his last work as an actor. Will Smith is also promoting Williams method, a biopic about the childhood of Venus and Serena Williams. Much has been said about how strict the father of tennis players was and how he educated them with the only way to succeed in the sport. Although he did use harsh discipline, Smith believes that what really happened is not what people think. “Anything you want to achieve in life that’s as amazing as what Venus and Serena ended up achieving can’t be achieved without a lot of hard work.”declares the actor.

To bring the character to life, Smith did an exercise in introspection and looked at his own father. “Richard Williams looked a lot like my father. The two grew up after World War II. African-Americans who grew up in the United States at that time grew up in very particular and similar circumstances.”

My father was a military man and he taught us to obey orders. Although Richard Williams had his own goals in his children’s dreams, he knew how to relax that search a bit to give his daughters the margin to create the lives they wanted to create. That is the fundamental difference

as account in Will, the actor’s father, William Carroll Smith, systematically abused his mother, Caroline Bright, and terrorized the family. “The same intense perfectionism that terrified his family was the one that managed to put food on the table every night of my life,” he says in the pages of the biography. But he also attended his plays, the premieres of his films, listened to all his records… For these reasons, the actor says that he was torn between the monster he was at home and how wonderful he was in other aspects.

In any case, the discipline he received helped him thrive and become the movie and music star he is today. The eternal Prince of Bel-Air has been successful for 30 years and not only has his level of fame not diminished, but it has increased over the years. In the interview with Pablo Motos, he confesses how different fame was when he was a musician and television actor than when he started starring in movies. “After Independence Day It was the first time someone called me Mr. Smith on the street. It had been Will up to that point, when I was making music and was on TV. And all of a sudden I became Mr. Smith.”

Williams method opens in Spanish cinemas this Friday, January 21.

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