Will there be a ‘Lucifer’ movie? The protagonists bet on a comedy style ‘Land as you can’

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He does not close the door to the possibility of a feature film, but, although he jokes about the idea, he also agrees that they have finished at the right time.

A seventh installment? A ‘spin-off’? A prequel? Now that season 6 of Lucifer It is now available on Netflix and fans are realizing that it is the final farewell, the voices that ask for more projects around the fallen angel are beginning to appear. One of those plans could be a movie and, in a recent interview with TheWrap, the actors have toyed with that idea.

Lauren German, actress who plays Chloe in the fantasy series, has assured that, secretly, she would love to be able to continue the plot in a comedy feature film. “My fantasy is to shoot a Lucifer movie but in the style Naked Gun and Land as you can So we could ask the fans if they agree that the movie of Lucifer have that style “German jokes.

Why the creators of ‘Lucifer’ didn’t want a happy ending

The ‘showrunners’ have dared with a musical episode and an animated one, so why not keep messing around and take the characters to a new format, this time full of comedy and crazy situations? Returning to reality, it is difficult to imagine that Lauren German or Tom Ellis are going to return to their characters. At least soon.

“It seems like the perfect moment,” says Ellis when asked about the end of Lucifer, “Never say never and all that stuff, but this feels like the perfect time to end.” The protagonist also affirms that he “does not know” if he will bring the character back to life at some point.. If I had to go back “at least the movie sounds fun”.

We can take his words as an open door to a possible return, but we must be honest. The Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe journey is over. German agrees: “Tom said it very well. How did you say it? It’s the perfect time to say goodbye.” Issue settled.

Fans of the series can at least take comfort in the six seasons that are available on Netflix. 93 episodes to investigate heaven and hell.

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