Winchesters reunion: Jensen Ackles to direct Jared Padalecki in his new series

The actors are great friends in real life having played Sam and Dean in the long-running Supernatural.

It has hardly been a year since Supernatural said goodbye forever with a bittersweet denouement, but fans of the unforgettable CW series will be happy to know that its two leads, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles they will be working together again very very soon. No, it is true that we will not be able to see them together again in front of the cameras, but it is good news to know that Ackles will have the opportunity to direct the one who played his brother for 15 years in his new series.

As has been announced, Jensen Ackles, who is also one of the great additions of the future season 3 of The Boys, will be in charge of directing one of the episodes of the season 2 of Walker, the new series in which Jared Padalecki plays the main character. As you may already know, fiction is a ‘reboot’ of the iconic Walker Texas Ranger and the ex of Supernatural he has been in charge of collecting in it the witness of Chuck Norris himself. In addition, Padalecki is also an executive producer on the series, so both will have the opportunity to work side by side behind the scenes of Walker.

After the outcome of Supernatural, those in charge of embodying Dean y Sam Winchester they found work quickly. Jensen Ackles had already signed as Soldier Boy in The Boys, a character who promises to be key in the third installment of the Amazon series and whose filming has recently ended, while Padalecki had been chosen for the new CW action project, the chain that was also home to Supernatural throughout its entire trajectory.

Their meeting on the set of episode 7 of the second season of Walker will suppose the first time they work together after the end of Supernatural, but not the first time Ackles has directed Padalecki. He has already done it several times on the CW series, for which he directed a total of six episodes.

With this meeting it is shown once again that the famous Winchesters ended up on good terms after the bad taste they experienced a few months ago. As you may recall, the now heir to Chuck Norris in Walker denounced on Twitter that they had not counted on him for a prequel series of Supernatural in which Ackles and other team members were participating. The actor was deeply hurt and many people did not believe the news. However, the bad vibes did not last long and in just 24 hours we learned that both actors had spoken and clarified what happened.

Jared Padalecki had to appease ‘Supernatural’ fans after tensions with Jensen Ackles

The second season of Walker premieres October 28 on the CW, while Amazon Prime Video has yet to announce a date for the long-awaited season of The Boys.