With 84% positive reviews on Steam and thousands of players, this game is everything you’d expect from a war MMO – Foxhole

We often dream of some of the biggest releases in the coming months, but it’s also worth making time in our schedules to try small titles that, without making much noise, manage to hook thousands of players. This is the case of foxholea title available on steam that is established within the world of war MMOs with a proposal that takes us to an eternal World War where all players can contribute on their side.

After an Early Access that lasted more than five years and a launch that took place last September, Foxhole has managed to bring together a large community that fights tirelessly on one of the two sides equipped with technology from the 1920s. However, the Siege Camp game does not seek to move us to the battlefront to knock down as many enemies as possible, since Invite your community to organize in tasks that include everything from their presence in the trenches to logistics posts.

Despite the fact that managing thousands of players in various positions related to the war may seem complicated, they are fascinated with the final result. This is what the figures say: beyond the fact that the game has a stable number of users, it is also worth noting that its Steam tab has a 84% positive reviewswhich shows the good work of Siege Camp when it comes to developing its delivery.

In case you are interested in participating in the fight, keep in mind that the game is available on the Valve platform for €24.99. Unfortunately, it is not localized to Spanish, but whoever knows how to defend himself with English and has some interest in the proposal will find a game to spend many hours on.