With Alexis HK, the Jewel as a musical laboratory

the essential
The singer will be on the Bijou stage in Toulouse all week. A meeting that allows him to discover his new creations.

“Le Bijou is first and foremost a venue that I really like, including its tenants, and this is the first reason why I wanted to start playing my new songs here, in Toulouse: le Bijou, this is my laboratory “, explains Alexis HK. If he chose to present the pieces of his new album, which will be released in the spring, at Le Bijou, it is because he knows he can find a loyal, attentive audience there, with whom he can test these titles written in the solitude of 2020.

“The pandemic put us all under house arrest and it allowed me to work on new songs by making me feel the loss of what has made my life for quite a few years now: being on stage and sharing words, notes, laughter, sorrows too. I come back with a desire stronger than ever to find the stage, after having been locked up for so long in my home studio “, he warns.

“Poetic playground”

What do these new songs evoke? “The album is called ‘Bobo Playground’: I thought of it as a poetic and musical playground: I pinpoint this contemporary social milieu, that of the ‘bobos’, of which I am a part”, it at first glance, before revealing itself a little more: “These are also the sores, the contemporary themes of a world where everyone is in good spirits. A woman who brings up her child alone every other week then forces herself to party when he’s not there: she finds it a bit depressing because she is no longer really old or inclined to party … “The confinement pushed Alexis to be” greedy ” with the words, which he chose carefully and pushed into a very hip-hop flow – he often revolved around this modern and urban poetry which is the sign of a lively and turbulent language.

Alexis HK in concert at the Bijou (123, avenue de Muret), Toulouse, from Tuesday January 11 to Friday January 14 at 9:30 pm Prices: 12 and 16 euros. Phone 05 61 42 08 69.