With her first title “La Nuit”, the singer of Gers origin Céline Aviani reveals herself to the public

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Céline Aviani, author, composer and performer of Gers origin, released, on May 6, “La Nuit”, the first track of her “EP” of six titles. Entitled “I”, it represents the first chapter of his album.

Céline Aviani, singer-songwriter, was waiting for the date of May 6 with impatience and excitement. “La Nuit”, his first title, was released on all musical platforms, a few months before his first “EP” (six-title disc) “I” which should be presented to the public at the beginning of the fall. “In this first opus, of French variety and pop, I begin to tell my experience, my story and how I got there”, describes the singer, who grew up in Fleurance.

If the young woman practiced the piano for ten years, it was when she arrived in Toulouse, for her studies in history and art history, that she discovered composition and writing within from the music conservatory. “It then became obvious that I wanted to sing and do the stage, remembers the one who is a senior life education advisor. I played a lot in cafes and in the Toulouse region. I also performed concerts at the Off de Jazz in Marciac and reached the final of the Repérages de Canal + casting”. She then left for Paris and enrolled for a year in a musical theater school, then performed for three months at the La Cible theater in Pigalle.

For this first "EP"the singer plays on the aesthetics of white and gold.

For this first “EP”, the singer plays on the aesthetics of white and gold.
© Anthony Pomes.

But it was during the confinement of March 2020 that the project that she had kept in the back of her mind for years materialized. Brice Conrad, songwriter and performer (“Oh la”, “Fleur du mal”), discovered her on social networks and offered to record an “EP”. She begins work in the studio with the French singer and Otta, also a songwriter and performer.

“The six titles present in this disc tell me, says Céline Aviani. They are very pop, very current, in the movement of what is done today. But the musicians with whom I have worked since the beginning have also added their influences a little jazz and metal. It brings musical richness”.

“This piece looks like me”

“I”, which leaves room for a double reading, is therefore the first chapter of this new musical adventure. Sometimes dancing and catchy or filled with emotions, the pieces, co-composed by the author from Gers and the artists who accompany her, allow us to understand the album which is in preparation. “All the titles work together, presents Céline Aviani. The song And if the time addresses, for example, the themes of family, roots and the question of inheritance.”

For the young singer, the choice of “La Nuit” as the first single was obvious. “This piece is dynamic and catchy. It looks like me and I wanted the public to meet me through this song, explains the 27-year-old singer. I also build an aesthetic with white and gold and I liked to start with a title that speaks of night and begins in the dark. The night, it’s the idea that there are dreams that we carry within us, that sometimes we leave aside but that we can find in the dark. They then bring us light and a new direction.”

His first "EP", "I"is expected in the fall.

His first “EP”, “I”, is expected for the fall.
© Anthony Pomes.

With this first single, Céline Aviani reveals herself little by little to the public. “I hope it will touch people and speak to them,” says the musician. She will also be keen to meet them this summer, during the concerts already planned for June.

The rest of the year also looks promising for the young artist. “I” will be available on all music streaming platforms. And she hopes, like the name of her opus, that this “EP” will only be the first chapter of a great adventure. “I would like to sign with a record company to release an album afterwards, announces the songwriter. I already have a lot of ideas in mind”.