With “Slammed on the ground”, Marie Bortolotti, a young screenwriter with a well-tempered pen, is noticed by all the studios

(ETX Daily Up) – There was before. Before New Writings, the screenplay school where she has just spent a year. Before his pitch at the end of June in front of all the studios and success since. So before. She was already writing. But in the galley. Since the end of her training, the young woman has been coveted by many production studios. Meeting with the scriptwriter of the series of tomorrow who represents generation Z well.

With a sparkling look and a smile on her lips, Marie Bortolotti, from the height of her 25 years, has reason to be happy. This young screenwriter – “Yes, Sophie [la directrice de l’école Nouvelles écritures]told us that, now, we were screenwriters and that we had to present ourselves as such”, she told me between pride and shyness – finally realizing her dream: to write series.

This tall redhead is part of the first promotion of “New Writings”, a school aimed at training the screenwriters of the series of tomorrow. And the concept pleases both professionals from the world of series and budding screenwriters. The promo was a hit on June 23, at the Guimet Museum, presenting the series concepts developed during the year.

They were twelve to follow for nine months a professional training, concrete, useful to help them integrate this small environment of the world of screenwriters: “New writings, it was above all an incredible contact. I realized that it was possible for them [aux professionnels] read things and that they like it whereas before I was a little defeatist, I never had an answer”, Marie explained to me. “I needed a framework because it is very discouraging to be alone, without having any visibility on what is possible to do, and there I saw that it is possible”, she added, her eyes still full of gratitude.

The voice of comedy without mocking

Fan of “Freaks and Geeks”, “Angela, 15” and Judd Apatow, Marie seduced with her comedy for teenagers. The story of six teenagers in 4e in a somewhat shabby public college transformed overnight by a somewhat crazy principal into an experimental college. A choral series where each character is at the heart of a plot and evolves in a totally “what the fuck” setting. The young screenwriter was keen to develop her story by tackling serious subjects between sexuality, mental health, relationship to the body, family… Questions that middle school students ask themselves at a crucial moment in their lives: “I had some accounts to settle with my college”, she admits in half a word. And his pitch hit the mark. A production studio has already put an option to develop her idea while others want to meet her. A consecration for the young woman who still receives many proposals: “I am torn between euphoria and a form of tetany, because I have been waiting for this for so long and I did not think it was possible” , she confides to me, still amazed at her success.

For the young screenwriter, who is also an actress, comedy can serve as a means of defence, even revenge on humiliations, these “humiliations of adolescence which form our personality in the long term” she will say on stage during the presentation. of his series. His will ? Do not go into the clichés of teen series, “often full of adult contempt for young people”. No question either of laughing at the expense of others.

“Talent is not enough”

For five years, Marie Bortolotti has dreamed of making her passion her profession. A long-term job. After a professional script/directing/production master’s degree at Paris 1, the young Parisian left herself two years to write alone, send scripts and try on her own to succeed, but faced with the harsh reality of the profession, the results were not not at the rendezvous: “I was starting to be a little depressed”, she said with a defeated look, remembering this bad moment. And yet, everything changes thanks to Instagram, when she learns of the existence of the New Writings school “totally by chance, on a post”. “Obviously, I did it at the last minute. I had to see some friends and I was there thinking ‘Do I make them wait and send my application? Or so what?'” , she recalls. Sometimes I think to myself but if I hadn’t had that this year, I don’t know where I would be.”

Because “talent is not enough if no one is there to see it”. Marie also knows that this road is difficult. “In general, an option is rarely above 5,000 euros. It’s between 1,000 and 5,000 euros, often 3,000 euros, for authors who are starting out. For 12 months. If you want to live on this job, you have to be on all fronts and have lots of projects at the same time, to be in a writing room for a daily newspaper, to co-write projects with authors…”, lists she. If the path is still long to impose itself in the middle, Marie Bortolotti is on the right track. She has just won the Daniel Sabatier first prize and 3,000 euros to develop her “Garces” project for a year. The succession is assured.