‘Without shame’ (Netflix): why is the erotic thriller with Alyssa Milano controversial?

The streaming platform’s film is based on a novel by Nora Roberts and its transition to audiovisuals is where the problem has been.

On January 14 it premiered on Netflix Without shyness, an erotic thriller starring Alyssa Milano that has been among the most watched on the platform ever since. In a single week it has reached 45 million hours played. This good reception by the subscribers of the streaming service has been accompanied by controversy. Of two, specifically.

The first one has to do with his criticism. Being one of the most watched movies on Netflix is ​​not synonymous with a good rating and, in the case of Without shyness, it is striking that a large part of those who have seen it give it low marks. The platform usually finds the audience for each of the productions it premieres. She is an expert in creating content for small niches that are forgotten in the traditional model, but this time they have not been successful.

Without shyness, based on the novel Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts, tells how Grace, a successful writer of crime novels (Milano), is surprised by the murder of her sister. She is willing to help with the investigation and use everything she has learned writing her novels to find out what happened. In the process, her sister’s secrets come to light, something she wasn’t prepared for.

Leaving aside what the specialized press may say -which we already know is perhaps not the ‘target’-, the public has not been too supportive of the proposal either. According to the comments, it has a predictable story and a mediocre script that makes for an unbelievable film and, at certain moments, provokes laughs where there shouldn’t be.. For many viewers, it is reminiscent of crime and passion movies that appear in the afternoon on channels like Antena 3.

The criticism generated has been one of the controversies that has suffered Without shyness. The other was produced long before its release. When the film directed by Monika Mitchell announced that Alyssa Milano would be the protagonist, part of the readers of the novel on which it is based took to social networks to show their outrage. What was the problem? The political tendencies of the actress. Milano has been a fervent opponent of the Trump administration, is very involved in the feminist cause and was the one who started the #MeToo movement, where victims of sexual assault could contribute their experience.

A certain more conservative sector opposed this signing, which caused Nora Roberts herself to write a press release on her website supporting the actress. “I have read many of the comments about the announcement of Without shyness, starring Alyssa Milano, and I’m just honestly horrified“, assured the writer, “The hatred, the anger, the bitterness and the requests surprise me. Some will never read me again because Milano heads up this adaptation. A reader said that he intended to burn all my books after the casting of that actress. Watch the movie when it comes out or not, but insulting the actress or threatening me only illustrates your own limitations.”

These two controversies do not seem to have muddied the path of Without shyness on Netflix. The film continues in the Top 10 of the most viewed content by subscribers. If you don’t feel like watching Milano’s film, remember that Netflix has many other original movies.

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