“Women of Rugby”, the Toulouse project for the 2023 World Cup

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Award-winning photographer in Hollywood, Emmanuelle Choussy is organizing a project for a year that will see the light of day for the 2023 World Cup, with a photo book and an exhibition.

Rugby World Cup 2023 is photographer Emmanuelle Choussy’s horizon. On this occasion, the young woman will organize a photo exhibition “Women of rugby”. According to its creator, “it is a transversal project that combines sport and health, equality between men and women and intergenerationality”.

Rugby players in duet with the one who inspires them

To mount this exhibition and illustrate her next photo book, Emmanuelle calls on rugby players from the Toulouse region. Everyone points to a woman who inspires them, whether they already know them or not: a sportswoman, a shopkeeper or even a friend. The duo will participate in a photoshoot and interview for the photographer’s final project. Among the stars of the cast, David Berty, a former player at Stade Toulousain will pose with his athlete partner Vanessa Moralès, a nurse from Muret who will climb Kilimanjaro for an association. With five photo shoots per month for a year. Behind the scenes and interviews will be available on social networks throughout the project.

An artistic and charitable project

This project is also charitable since a percentage of the profits from sales will be donated to the Rubies association, which offers rugby to cancer patients. Jean-Pierre Pagès, author of the photographic encyclopedia “Gueules du rugby”, also supports the project. Ambassador of Toulouse since 2021, the photographer’s project is supported by the Toulouse Métropole Attractiveness Agency.

Ultimately, it aims to animate the Pink City and the supporters’ village for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. To the delight of Toulouse residents, a signing session with the players will be organized during the event.