Xbox would be preparing a new type of Nintendo Direct-style event that would already have a name, date, and confirmed games – Xbox Series X | S

Among the different events related to videogames, we find more and more belonging to the leading companies in the sector that are aimed at being small scale presentations but that do not depend on being framed in a great celebration like E3 or Gamescom. Nintendo has its Nintendo Direct, PlayStation its State of Play and Xbox you could have yours very soon.

This is what they have been revealing from different sources in recent weeks, being the medium windows central the one who has given the exclusive details of what Microsoft would be preparing. According to information from journalist Jez Corden, it would be called Developer_Direct and would have a smaller scale compared to what the company has accustomed us to in recent years.

It would be held for the first time on January 25

Likewise, it is indicated that it would not take long to see it announced and to be held, since it would be scheduled for next January 25 at 9:00 p.m. (in the Spanish peninsular time). From him we have also been offered a few brushstrokes of its content, making sure that we will see games from Xbox and Bethesda studios.

Some games revealed

Specifically, we would see redfallwhose release date is rumored for the month of May, the new Forza Motorsport or games like Minecraft Legends, as well as news about the Game Pass catalog. However, it indicates that Starfield will probably be saved for a later eventalthough we insist that neither Microsoft nor Xbox have confirmed any of this at the time of writing these lines, but the information comes from a source reliable enough to echo it.


What will happen with the Xbox Game Showcase is something we do not know, since we will have to see if Xbox prefers to bet everything on this new format or, however, can maintain both depending on the volume of releases or announcements that it has pending. What we do know is that Xbox has an important 2023 ahead of itso we are not surprised that to start the year they want to show their cards a little more.