‘XO, Kitty’: Everything we know about the ‘To All the Boys’ spin-off series that Netflix prepares

The streaming platform’s trilogy of original films continues as a series with a story starring Kitty Covey, Lara’s (Lana Condor) little sister.

It started with To all the boys that I fell in love with in 2018, it continued with To all the boys: PS I still love you in 2020 and ended last February with a third film: To All the Boys: Forever. The franchise To all the boys is one of the great successes of Netflix, which, aware that it has a golden goose in its hands, has not wanted to miss the opportunity to order a series ‘spin-off’ of the -for the moment- trilogy.

He announced it in spring, but now it is a reality with a title and with a first ‘teaser’ that advances its premiere as “soon”: XO: Kitty, a ‘spin-off’ series centered on the character of Kitty Covey.

Adaptation of the also adult romance book series by American author Jenny Han, the Netflix trilogy of films has been directed by Michael Fimognari and stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo in the lead roles. One of the irrefutable proofs that the ‘young adult’ subgenre has more than enough potential on the platform, the series of feature films began like novels, with the story of a young student named Lara Jean Covey (Condor) who has dedicated her entire life to writing letters to all those boys who have meant something in her life. These letters have only been read by herself, who keeps them jealously in a house until, one day, they end up reaching everyone they were addressed to.

After the premiere of the third film at the beginning of the year – being the most viewed title on the platform on its first weekend and maintaining the top positions for weeks -, Netflix has wanted to go one step further with the order of the first series of the franchise.

You can discover everything we know about the ‘spin-off’ series of To all the boys next:

Kitty, its protagonist

The character chosen by Netflix to carry out its ‘spin-off’ has been Kitty, played by actress Anna Cathcart. The very young interpreter, who has not yet come of age, has played Kitty Covey, the protagonist’s sister, since the first film and, in addition to watching her grow up, we have had the opportunity to take great affection for her.

Although she is younger in the novels, the character is in her teens in Netflix movies and now it is her turn and her love stories. Will we see how the tables are turned and how his sister plays a fundamental role in them?

A new love story at its center

Few details have been advanced about the series To all the boys, but the objective is to show the young Kitty in full search of true love. Something quite complicated in adolescence.

As you will remember if you are a fan of the franchise, the character fell in love to the bars of a young man he met on his visit to Seoul, during a trip he made with his family. Since then, they have both continued to write to each other via instant messaging, so we are eager to know if theirs has a future or if, on the contrary, Kitty has to find a closer person who will allow her to forget her love at a distance.

According to the project description:

When Kitty travels halfway around the world to meet her boyfriend from afar, it won’t take long for her to realize that relationships are much more complicated when your own heart is on the front line.

Author Jenny Han, screenwriter

Jenny Han, the author behind the books that inspire the Netflix film trilogy, will be the showrunner of the series with Sacha Rothchild (GLOW).

Who better than her to design the future of one of her beloved characters? It could not be another.

Meanwhile, Han is actively working on the script for another television adaptation of one of his novels: The Summer I Turned Pretty for Amazon Prime Video.

A short-episode romantic comedy

Although the data was not released at first, now it has been confirmed that it will be 10 episodes and that it will have a romantic comedy format, with 30-minute chapters.

We will have to know more details later but, while they arrive, we look forward to this new episode in the history of To all the boys on Netflix. Assured success!