‘Yargı’: discover the series that is sweeping Turkey based on unexpected twists and good chemistry

In Turkey it has been one of the phenomena of the year. What does that mean? That will come to Spain soon.

Judgment it’s about to become your new guilty pleasure – if it isn’t already. It was one of the most popular premieres of the season in Turkey and it has now been confirmed that every fan of Turkish series should take it into account. The series is sweeping. In its first episode, it aroused the interest of more than 3 million viewers, but as the season has progressed it has been gaining followers and in its latest broadcasts it almost reaches 8 million. It is one of the most followed series on Sunday.

It seems that it is a phenomenon that arose from word of mouth, since, without having a spectacular premiere, it has progressively increased until it found its audience. What does he have to have achieved it? According to viewers, it’s a mix of surprising twists and incredible chemistry between the actors..

Yargi -which could be translated into Spanish as’ trial’- focuses on Ilgaz and Ceylin, a man and a woman whose paths cross to find the culprit of a murder. They are two lawyers who have in common their constant fight for justice, but their methods are very different. He is more strict and subject to the rules. She is more rebellious. When Ilgaz’s brother is accused of having killed a woman, he will call on Ceylin’s services. This union will uncover a sea of ​​secrets from which it will be difficult for them to escape. Of course, the touch of romance, suspense and drama is not lacking.

“Recommended. It is a good way to break with romantic comedies, gangster series and family dramas. The series starts very well. It has many twists and ‘cliffhangers”, says a user in his review for IMDb, “The protagonists make a good couple. They are strong, confident and good at their jobs. The tone of the series is heavy and I wish there were moments of relaxation.”

“I’m enjoying every minute. They have made a crime drama free of clichés and with surprising twists that are sure to hook you. The romance to the limit makes you fall in love with the characters. The chemistry is amazing,” adds another user.

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The actors who are hooking the audience with their performance are Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pinar Deniz. Urgancioglu has appeared in numerous Turkish fictions and surely his face is familiar to you. It was Emir in Kara Sevda: Eternal Love and Kemal in Love 101. In addition, he has participated in international productions, such as Jack Ryan. Deniz also has a long experience in Turkish television and coincided with his co-star in Love 101, where he gives life to one of the protagonists.

Another reason to see her. Its director is Ali Bilgin, a regular figure in this type of production. It’s the same one behind the romantic comedy Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale, el drama criminal Stiletto Vendetta Pretty wave Sühan: Revenge and love.

Judgment it is currently broadcasting on Kanal D and it would not be surprising if it would soon hit Spanish programming.

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