Yodelice drops the mask with a clean folk record

(AFP) – No more feathers stuck in a hat and tears drawn under highlighted eyes: the musician Yodelice puts back in the closet his scenic double escaped from a Tim Burton film and shows an unvarnished face in a stripped folk album.

“It was very inspiring to create a universe, because when I was younger I was shy, the scene was a pain and this invented character uninhibited me”, explains to AFP the artist met in his Parisian recording studio. baptized Spookland.

“But I’m no longer old enough to put on eye makeup,” smiles the forties, who in recent years had put his talents as a musician-arranger-producer to the service of Johnny Hallyday or the singer Jain.

His latest nine-year-old album, “Square Eyes,” delivered rounded-edged pop-rock. Now make way for the emaciated folk of “The Circle”, which comes out this Friday.

An album that evokes a breath of life trying to escape a deaf threat. Yodelice has a nice image to describe the mood of the record, speaking of “an ubiquitous cloud of dust in the songs”.

The cover of “The Circle” (to be translated not as “Le Cercle” but rather as a change of cycle) presents a diamond. Nothing to do with the well-cut diamonds of the visuals of rappers Drake and Future for their joint project “What A Time To Be Alive” (2015). That of Yodelice is raw, and on closer inspection, some of its reliefs draw worrying shadows.

– “On edge” –

This twilight climate can be found in the clip shot in India for “Keep Running”, the first single released as a scout. “There is this rough diamond present in this strange world, which raises the question: where do we place the precious? Often in a quest for appearance that blinds us”, deciphers Yodelice.

“The diamond is a stone that symbolizes luxury, purity, rarity, but its composition is not so far from that of coal”, adds the artist.

The theme of pretenses, in intimacy or the march of the world, runs through the album sung in English. Like the song “Keep Running” where we hear that “Golden hearts sometimes change into rust”.

In 2001, the Norwegian folk duo Kings Of Convenience released an album called “Quiet Is The New Loud”, which could be translated by extrapolating as “The calm is the new storm”, a sentence that would also stick to Yodelice’s new album.

The title “Rage” thus contains a beautiful discovery: a muffled cry on a background of buzzing guitar which impresses much more than a howl. “When you’re on edge, you want to scream but it doesn’t come out,” agrees Yodelice.

The musician “very much wanted a more radical record”, like a “Polaroid of an emotion, a fragility”. “I don’t really know who this record is going to be aimed at, given the format of current music”, asks Yodelice in conclusion.

With his new accents à la Nick Drake, folk icon, he is indeed far from the dominant rap of the charts. But a clue can reassure him. While a first concert was scheduled in Paris at Pleyel on March 25, 2023, another date was added on March 24 in response to demand.