“You can never be sure what is going to happen”; Dead Space Remake Unveils A Stress Management System With Over 1,200 Unique Surprises – Dead Space (Remake)

Dead Space Remake Already it’s goldand this means that gamers with a passion for space horror can be sure to return to the USG Ishimura next January 27th. Until then, EA Motive is determined to further raise expectations around its title and, therefore, has revealed the existence of a system that guarantees a unique experience: the Intensity Director.

“The system has more than 1,200 unique events, with a massive variety of possible combinations” (Dan Kim)

As explained in the ea official websiteDead Space Remake will have a function that will generate situations to maintain the tone of the game: “It is a way of control the stress level of the player, to make sure something always happens,” says Eric Baptizat, Senior Game Director. “It allows us to control emotion and tension, and always keep the player alertSo be careful.”

“It’s a content organization, generation, and pacing control system,” continues Dan Kim, senior systems designer. “And depending on how we count things, the system has more than 1,200 unique events, with a massive variety of possible combinations. Different elements, like sound or lighting changes, smoke or steam, enemy spawning – all of that layered together to create encounters that feel like handcrafted situations”.

In this way, the members of the development team ensure that the gaming experience maintains the player’s interest through stressful situations. In this sense, the authors talk about the possibility that a noise in a ventilation shaft serves to detect the presence of a Necromorph, but it can also happen that the same noise is not accompanied by any enemy attack. Or worse: that the Necromorph appears in the ventilation shaft without any previous sound. “And that means that each player has a unique experiencesays Michael Yeomans, Lead Lighting Artist. “You can never be entirely sure what is going to happen.so you will always be alert!”

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In short, EA gives us good reasons to return to the USG Ishimura in just a few days. In the event that you are one of the many brave who want to enjoy this horror experience, keep in mind that the title already has revealed its graphics modes on PS5 and Xbox Serieswith which it guarantees an adventure that will reach 60 FPS. And, if you prefer to find out about the story through other entertainment media, we take the opportunity to remember that there’s a dead space movie in the works.