You can play one of the most fun strategy games of recent years for free, but hurry up, it’s for a limited time – Two Point Campus

There are many management experiences that we have seen throughout all this time, but it is possible that the team of Two Point Studios has found the key to developing a memorable strategy game: be as challenging as it is fun. It is because of that there are not few who enjoy the university of Two Point Campus currently, but it seems that the title is about to receive new players thanks to its latest novelty: it’s free to play on steam for a limited time.

Users can play Two Point Campus for free until February 13.

To celebrate the arrival of Valentine’s Day, which is integrated into the student routine of Two Point Campus with a free upgradethose responsible for the game have decided to open the doors of the university to all players until the monday february 13. In this way, we have the whole weekend to test our skills in an academic context that stands out precisely because it is not very normal.

And it is that Two Point Campus shines as much for its management challenges as for the peculiarity of his university classes. Here, players will have the opportunity to build an educational center that provides lessons in chivalry or wizardry, to give a couple of examples. As for the novelty of Valentine’s Day, you should know that the game incorporates even crazier news such as a tunnel of love, new objects and even Cupid himself, who will visit the academy in person.

What did we think of Two Point Campus?

As we have already mentioned, the management game from Two Point Studios draws attention due to the fun of its ideas, but it ends up hooking you due to its challenging proposal. That is why, as you can read in our Two Point Campus analysiswe consider that the game has a formula that does not agewhich is why their strategy managed to hijack our free time last summer.