You will be able to see Chapter 5 of The Last of Us series ahead of time, and you should thank the Super Bowl of American football

The weeks advance and, with them, the new episodes of the The Last of Us series to HBO Max. In the case of Spain, every Monday we can see a new chapter of the adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game, and from today the fourth episode is availablebut those who want to look towards the fifth already have reason to celebrate, beyond the video preview that you have here below.

The fifth episode can be seen on HBO Max from Saturday morning

Just like has announced HBO Max itself through their official social networks, we will be able to see the fifth episode from Saturday morning, instead of having to wait until Monday. We are talking about the case of Spain, and the main reason is the celebration of the super bowl of American football, which faces the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs during the early hours of Sunday. In this way, both events do not coincide in time.

The fifth episode of the series is called ‘Hold on and survive’, and has an approximate duration of 59 minutes. It will be directed, on this occasion, by Jeremy Webb, the same one who has directed the fourth chapter, called ‘Please, don’t let go of my hand’ and already available on the video streaming platform.

Our review of The Last of Us

If you want to know how our experience has been with the HBO adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game, you can read in 3DJuegos the spoiler-free review of The Last of Us series carried out by the colleague Alejandro Pascual, who has been able to see the entire first season and summarizes what he experienced as follows:

“The Last of Us is one of the best adaptations to the serial format of a video game. It achieves this with a careful production that can be seen both in the script, as well as in the production and construction of scenarios that perfectly set this post-apocalyptic future provoked for cordyceps.

It is also a series that is very faithful to the original material that comes to repeat word for word many of its most iconic scenes, and even some game mechanics that are represented on the screen, while also reserving unique moments that expand the stories of some of his supporting characters. Pascal and Ramsey do a great portrayal of Joel and Ellie on their tough, human journey to find something to fight for.”