Yououtubeuse MavaChou died at the age of 32

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Influencer MavaChou, known for her YouTube videos, died Wednesday at the age of 32.

The influencer MavaChou died this Wednesday, December 22 at the age of 32. “I regret to announce the death of Maëva, which occurred yesterday at the end of the day,” her best friend announced on Thursday via her Facebook page. “I ask you to respect her family by not trying to find out more. It only concerns her relatives. Just have a thought for her and especially for her children (…) Farewell my darling. You are at peace now” .

The influencer, followed by more than 140,000 people on YouTube, became known in 2015, by posting videos recounting her life and that of her family. She had also participated in the program “We exchanged our moms”, a few months ago. As reported The Parisian, the young woman having however become the target of harassment, as well as her children. “Anonymous calls were made to the school of the four children. Internet users had spied on the home of the influencer, the photograph of a vehicle parked in front of her garage being even posted on the Internet”, report our colleagues.

“I am deeply upset,” responded Jeremstar, influencer, specialist in reality TV. “Since 2015, Maeva was the victim of harassment in packs on social networks and at the heart of incessant controversies,” he denounced. “Recently, we had come into contact and she confided in me. She could no longer bear the permanent hatred she was receiving and deplored that the judicial institutions were so slow.”